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Art Skill Co., Ltd.

I worked at a major parts processing company as an engineer specializing in difficult-to-cut machining for 13 years. After leaving the company, I started a manufacturing business, specializing in advanced processing. (

I worked at a major parts processing company as an engineer, specializing in difficult-to-cut machining for 13 years. Please consult with us if you have any processing issues. Among others, I have abundant experience processing prototypes for electrical auto parts. Additionally, in terms of aluminum thin-wall processing, I processed a wide range of parts, including optical components and aircraft parts (galley). As for other materials, I have experience in thin wall processing in the medical field.

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Auto parts, aluminum thin-wall processing/shape processing, auto parts, and optical parts
Thin-wall processing of aluminum material
For processing on aluminum materials with a machining center, I considered various conditions during programming, and selected an appropriate machining tool and made jigs and tools for each work.

The previous thin-wall processed products were for the optical and aircraft fields.
For processed parts, orders are accepted from one piece.
A sketch leads to 3D data, drawing, and production
From a freehand sketch drawing, we create 3D data and drawings and then move on to machining.  We can also deliver a 3D pdf file to alleviate the load on the person in charge, making internal information sharing easy. The PDF file allows you to check the shape and other information on a PC or mobile terminals even if it does not have CAD software.
We have mainly worked on test fixtures and prototype parts for the automobile electrical system (HV and EV). 
Extensive experience with A5052 and A2017. Depending on the parts, we will process supplied parts and A7075.
In recent years, we have engaged in the production of aluminum molds that are used when baking and hardening carbon sheets.
We can take orders from one piece.
Resin prototypes, cutting/medical, optics, and electrical field
Resin thin-wall processing of medical equipment parts
For resin processing: After processing by attaching with double-sided tape, we can deal with the process even if it is too thin to peel off.
Available for both commercially available materials and supplied materials.
Resin processing of automobile, optics, and electrical parts
Processing of engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, acrylics, ABS, etc. Thin-wall processing, as well as profiling with CAD/CAM, are also available. We can accept bulk orders for metal parts and resin parts.


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