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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:17


"Providing customers with bicycles that have a new appeal not found in conventional bicycles"

We are a bicycle shop specializing in sport E-bikes (road type bicycles), electrically assisted bicycles, and high-performance bicycles. The installation of a small-capacity battery is enabled thanks to the following concepts: Reducing electricity consumption as much as possible and using assist force only when it is required for climbing a hill or accelerating the bicycle.

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Sales Pitch

XROSS (cross)
Appearance which strongly demonstrate the bicycles, the XROSS series
We continue providing highly durable, highly reliable, and high-performance bicycles the appearance of which strongly demonstrate the bicycles, the XROSS series, and which have clear originality and concepts with attention to details. 
System concepts
XROSS is a brand dedicated to sport E-bikes with original concepts and entertainment aspects. In 2013, for the first time in the industry,  we announced a sport E-bike (road type bicycle), XROSS B1h (released to the market in 2014). B1h is the lightest in weight in the industry at 13.5 kg and incorporates our own, unprecedented concepts.
Maintaining speed with a lightweight body
We reduced the weight of the bike as much as possible by focusing on practical battery capacity and installing a battery with the minimally required capacity. A combination of the battery and a high-performance bike increases average speed: the use of electricity is avoided as much as possible on flat roads, but electricity is used whenever assistance is required for climbing a hill or accelerating the bike. These concepts, which are our original ones, were incorporated into a bicycle for the first time in the industry.  

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