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“Maintaining quality” using X-ray inspection equipment

Real-time in-line 100% inspection is a reality. We are manufacturers who develop, manufacture, and sell inspection systems for apparel and industrial products using X-ray line sensor cameras.

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X-ray inspection devices
X-ray inspection system for shoes, apparel, bags and small items
Internal abnormality inspection device for castings
X-ray measurement of various types of glass
X-ray inspection device (tire inspection device) for metal arrangement in soft materials, such as vinyl and rubber
Custom-made in-line X-ray inspection system for factory sites
X-ray inspection for foreign substances in food, detection of foreign substances in food materials
Other various types of X-ray inspection and non-destructive X-ray inspection equipment
Image capturing system that uses an X-ray line sensor camera
Product safety inspection (shoe nail abnormality inspection, automotive parts abnormality inspection, and tire steel cord abnormality inspection)
Baggage inspection (airports, banks, exhibition halls, and concert halls.)
Foreign matter contaminant inspection (food, medicine, and clothing.)
Piece inspection (sweets, medicines, and foods.)
Inspection inside aluminum casings that cannot be done using metal inspection machines
X-ray inspection equipment for other industrial uses
We accept orders for custom-made products in the development, design, manufacturing, sales, and servicing of X-ray inspection equipment, foreign matter inspection equipment, various television systems, special lighting equipment, optical equipment, and image processing equipment that are widely used in quality control for all products.
We also undertake research, development, and consulting for various measuring devices.

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