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Okitsumo Incorporated

Paint products under our company's brand are used throughout the world in various fields from kitchen utensils to rockets 

We were the first in Japan to succeed in developing a heat-resistant paint by utilizing the magic powder silicone resin. We have grown to be a global niche top company by developing a wide variety of surface treatments based on our heat resistant technology. 


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Key and fundamental technologies
Heat isolation paint (HIP AERO)
HEAT AERO is a heat insulation paint that encloses heat completely under it with its low thermal conductivity and heat emissivity so that it can improve work environments for operators. 
(Feature 1) It is a heat insulating paint made from aerogel, with the best heat insulation properties as a solid.
(Feature 2) It is a paint, so it can perfectly coat detailed sections and complicated profiles to ensure heat isolation. 
(Feature 3) It is a paint, so maintenance is easy after it is applied to equipment.  

[What is the "aerogel" contained in HIP AERO?] 
Aerogel is a silica material with low thermal conductivity. It has a super-porous, fine structure of which 95% is air. The diameter of each pore is smaller than the mean free path of air, so it also prevents heat from being transferred by convection. It exhibits a completely new degree of heat insulation. It is a cutting-edge material employed by NASA for their space development projects.  
Heat releasing paint (COOTECH)
COOLTEC promotes heat dissipation when applied on an object to decrease the temperature of the object. This is why it is used for precision equipment and PCs that are sensitive to heat.
(Feature 1) It is a coating agent that reduces the temperature of a substrate itself and the ambient temperature.
(Feature 2) It shows excellent radiation characteristics throughout the infrared bandwidth (from near to far infrared).
(Feature 3) It shows excellent radiation characteristics in low to high temperatures.
(Feature 4) It can form a coat of various colors, which was regarded as difficult in heat-releasing coating.

You can improve the thermal emissivity of the material surface to release more heat by applying COOLTECH to a material. There are three ways to convey heat: by conduction, by convection, and by radiation. COOLTEC releases heat by radiating it.  
Far-infrared radiating paint and high-efficiency radiation paint
These are new-concept paints to use infrared rays properly for different purposes. They transmit heat effectively, increase the efficiency of heating and health appliances, and offer limitless kinds of uses.
(Features) Far-infrared rays are easily absorbed into organic substances to increase their interior temperature. Studies on new paints that radiate far-infrared rays is ongoing to use such characteristics of far-infrared rays for various appliances. This includes products for health, beauty, cooking, and heating. 
Dry lubricant coating 
A 100% fluorine coating exhibiting excellent lubrication performance. Our special dry process coating technology has realized such a coating.
(Feature 1) Surprising abrasion resistance with no lubricant (oil-free)
(Feature 2) No outgassing *At 250 °C or under
(Feature 3) Applicable to resin
(Feature 4) Resists heat up to 250 °C

[Dry lubrication replacing oil lubrication]
Dry lubrication uses a film formed by mixing a solid lubricant into a resin. The film is called a dry lubrication film.
It is often used in vacuum or high-temperature atmospheres where liquid lubricants such as oil cannot be used, or for parts that do not tolerate stickiness.  

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