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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:41

CFC Design Inc.

Revolutionizing Materials with Advanced Carbon Composite Technology

Our business is producing, processing, and selling carbon fiber reinforced composites (C/C composites). We aim to become a company that contributes to the world by promoting the development of innovative materials through advanced carbon composite technology and by providing products and services that meet customer needs.

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Markets and Industries
C/C composites are light in weight, high in strength, and have excellent heat resistance. Because of these characteristics, they are used in aircraft parts manufacturing lines, contributing to the higher performance and larger size of aircraft parts. It is also used in aircraft brakes.
The light weight, high strength, heat resistance, and high thermal conductivity of C/C composites make them ideal for use in automotive parts production lines. C/C composites are also used in automotive parts such as brakes, clutches, and differentials because of their light weight, high strength, heat resistance, high thermal conductivity, and sliding properties.
Heat Treatment
The jigs and parts that utilize the excellent heat resistance, thermal shock resistance, and high thermal conductivity of C/C composites are used in heat treatment processes in a variety of fields. Some of our products have been used for more than five years without maintenance, and the cost-benefit is very significant.
As the global demand for alternative energy sources increases, so does the need for more efficient equipment. We can provide plates, bolts, nuts, and other components utilizing C/C composites' chemical stability (corrosion resistance), high strength, and thermal shock resistance as they can withstand the use in the production lines of high-energy devices.
Tools and Molds
Our wide variety of sintered trays, jigs, and other products utilize the light weight, high strength, heat resistance, thermal deformation resistance, thermal shock resistance, and high thermal conductivity of C/C composites. They are widely used in the tool production lines of metal tool manufacturers.
Semiconductor, FPD, and PV
Their light weight, chemical stability (corrosion resistance), and excellent heat resistance are highly evaluated. They are widely used mainly as a plate heater and transport arm in the FPD field, hot zone component in silicon ingot production lines, and carrier for wafers in the solar field.
Glass and Ceramics
C/C composite products and materials are in increasing demand in glass production lines and the ceramic industry for their heat resistance, thermal shock resistance, chemical stability (compatibility with glass), and wear resistance. These products are used in sliding plates, sintered trays, and glass handling components.
C/C composites are also used as pantograph sliders. We realized low electrical resistance in this particular pantograph material by blending copper alloy in the C/C composite. The dedicated C/C composite containing copper alloy is more resistant to wear and lighter in weight than ordinary pantograph sliders, which also helps extend the life of the overhead wires.
Vacuum/Inert Gas Furnace
Our chemically stable, heat-deformation-resistant products are also used as a component in high-temperature vacuum furnaces and heat treatment furnaces with inert gas. The parts are widely used in heat-resistant applications, such as heat insulator protectors, furnace fans, furnace bottom rails, conveyor belts and rollers, plates and sheets, bolts, nuts, and washers.

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