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We aim to become a company that is indispensable in different industries through our mold technology

The new Yamasei Corporation was launched in 2012. We have continued our predecessor’s commitment to sheet metal press molds, and we also design and manufacture injection-molding molds. We have been committed to producing the molds that are the basis for Monozukuri craftsmanship for more than 50 years, including the time of our predecessor. We now include the culture of the Vuteq Group, and we intend to grow even more. The Vuteq Group's basic philosophy is to open up the future with enthusiasm and sincerity. We aim to become a company that is indispensable to the automotive and other industries through its mold technology, and to continue working to produce molds.

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Yamasei's strengths and products
Yamasei's strengths
- Use of information technology (IT)
IT is nothing but a tool. Our company considers this technique of making full use of this tool as a strength. We thoroughly use molding simulation and other CAE beginning with CAD/CAM. We also independently develop a system for controlling them in an integrated manner. This total integrated management (TIM) system is used to provide an information-sharing environment anytime, anywhere to support users. 

- High-precision machining technology
Our machining ensures a special-purpose environment with temperature and humidity control to realize high-precision machining. Only molds that satisfy the quality standards are sent to the next process. The technology of craftsmanship is actually this high-precision machining.

- The technology of craftsmanship
This is our company’s greatest strength. The know-how of craftsmanship in the history of our company has been passed down from masters to apprentices, and it is used to perform the final adjustment of molds. Our company’s craftsmen go to various places in the world to support their customers.
Sheet metal molds
Our company has been manufacturing various press molds for more than half a century since 1960 (including its years as Yamamoto Manufacturing). 

Our main products are automotive press molds. They satisfy severe quality, lead time, and other requirements of our automotive manufacturer customers, which has won a high level of confidence.

[Representative products]
- Body-side outers
- Rear-door inners
- Backdoor outers
- Floor panels
- Hood outers
- Roof panels
- Front fenders
Resin molds
Our company has also been committed to technology corresponding to manufacturing automotive glass resin molds and molds for automotive resin parts. We also manufacture and machine molds of new functional materials (reinforced-fiber complex materials) and other materials.

[Representative products]

Resin molds
- MAW sunroofs
- MAW sun windows
- Floss parts, door trims
- SMCs

Injection molds
- Ornaments
- Battery trays
- Rear door trims
- Plate backdoors
- Trim quarter, lower
- Cover engines, under

CFRP molds
- Door, outers

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