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Latest update: 28/01/2020 10:49:14

SAN-AI Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.

We apply the latest technology to make our products smaller and more advanced.

We are committed to smaller sizes and higher functionality while using digitization, single-chip, and other core technologies that we been cultivating for many years. We independently develop products like these that satisfy customer needs. Our station-use broadcasting devices in particular are highly acclaimed for their high quality, high functionality, small size, and light weight. We anticipate they will be used as broadcasting equipment in public facilities, department stores, hospitals, and other facilities. 

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Introduction of our business areas and main products
Business areas
Electronics equipment design, manufacturing, and sales
Station-use broadcasting equipment (SRK-306Di)
- Conventional devices (19-inch rack) made smaller
- Product volume reduced to about 1/20
- Dimensions and weight: 430W × 160H × 330D mm, about 20 kg

- Equipped with all conventional broadcast functions and with six-system simultaneous broadcast and lightning arrestor
- Equipped with four built-in wireless receivers and can be equipped with up to two of them externally
- Connectable to up to four four-wire remote microphones, and broadcasting possible from outposts separate from the main device, a signal position, or the like
- Compatible with custom-made options
With an extended unit, the following functions can be added:
- From a command center or other remote broadcasting device to general broadcasting to all stations, to several desired stations, to specific stations
- Various automatic broadcasting practices (public relations or guidance), train departure jingles, etc.
Railroad-use meteorological information monitoring system, which plays a role in safe traffic
Meteorological data from wind velocity meters, rainfall meters, seismic gauges, and other equipment placed at points along the railroad lines is speedily collected. Central control of information is supported to give warnings by display and sound and to have PCs display various details, which makes it possible to make speedy decisions for train traffic. We develop products specializing in the railroad business to achieve this.

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