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Mtek-smart Corporation

We create businesses and technologies that are related to carbon neutral!
The technologies of our company solve problems and issues!
-Let us hear about problems and/or issues of your company-

We provide technologies for multi-layer coating composed of thin layers of paint, liquid, powder and granular materials, or melts. 
By utilizing our original and patented technologies as well as know-how, we propose the process that is best suited to clients' various needs.
[Solid-state batteries, next-generation solar batteries (perovskite), next-generation secondary batteries, water electrolysis, fuel cells, and LED] 

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Sales Pitch

[Thin film, multi-layer, and lamination method]
All types of paint can be ideally and evenly mixed.
Thanks to our patented method, two independent coating heads can alternately layer thin films.
As a result, even when two different types of particles whose diameters are different with each other, and even when the specific gravity of one type is twice as heavy as that of the other type, they can be evenly and microscopically mixed, as compared with mixing or color mixing methods in which different types of paint is mixed and coated. 
(Two types of phosphors with different specific gravities and particle diameters are not mixed. Rather, they are alternately injected from different heads, and thin films can be layered.)  

*All types of paint can be ideally and evenly mixed.
The energy of speed is applied to particles that have conventionally been sprayed in pulses.
As a result, particles, to which directivity and speed are given, collide with the desired part of the coated matter. Even when the coated matter has a minutely uneven surface, the collision leads to the formation of coated films on the part. 
[Layer coating technology for powder and granular materials, "POWDER DOT®"]
The "POWDER DOT®" method, a powdering technology uniquely developed by Mtek-smart Corporation, allows for the coating
-of an infinitesimal quantity
-of high-value-added powder and granular materials
-on a desired part (regardless of whether it is a plane or spot).

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