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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:29

Fluid Techno CO.,LTD.

Ship type design; ship modeling for marine testing; programming for calculating ship performance; design, manufacturing, and installation of energy-saving devices

We conduct upstream design of ships. We also design the performance of ships that can transport as many goods as possible, as fast as possible, and with the lowest possible fuel consumption. We analyze flow (CFD) and design and manufacture models according to your drawings, and design and manufacture energy-saving equipment for the hull and stern according to these drawings. We make proposals for even higher energy-saving.

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Sales Pitch

Going beyond green ships
Ship design
[Basic planning]
Based on your design conditions, we suggest the optimal elements, specifications, and other details based on our software and extensive experience.

[Ship type design]
In-house programming using Excel

[Propeller design]
Chart design, theoretical design

[Optimal rudder shape design]
Optimal rudder shape design considering the hull and propeller
Ship flow simulation
Analysis tools
Software Cradle Co., Ltd.
General-purpose 3D thermo-fluid simulation software for unstructured grids
Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ software
Siemens PLM Software
Optimized software
HEEDS™ software
Siemens PLM Software

Analysis systems
We own 272 Core
HPC cluster system to perform parallel calculations
InfiniBand switch for accelerated analysis
Job scheduler for efficient calculation scheduling

Enhancing ship types, energy-saving devices, etc.
Increasing fuel efficiency in the propelling performance of existing ships

Developing ship types, energy-saving devices, etc.
Developing optimal ship types
Designing energy-saving devices

Settling ship-related issues
Hull vibration issues
Smoke pollution issues
Suggesting solutions

Correlation between EFD and CFD
Making CFD correlation more reliable by using an ample stock of water tank test results
Assessment and testing
[Water tank testing]
We have experience in witnessing water tests at relevant centers both in Japan and other countries around the world, so we can perform tests and related tasks to meet your needs. We can perform ordinary resistance shear stress tests, and also maneuverability tests, propeller cavitation tests, tests with a water tank simulating icy waters, and so on.
Test model manufacturing
Resistance shear stress testing with a model ship
Energy-saving device design
Effects of energy-saving equipment
Lower hull resistance, higher stern flow, propeller loss recovery
Higher propeller efficiency
Propeller loss recovery, rudder performance improvement

Energy-saving device types that we have developed and designed at our company
Energy-saving stator/Eco-Stator
Design process
Ways to check energy-saving effects

Process up to ship installation

Rudder valves and fins
Measurement and analysis
Ablog data and service data analysis
Measurement data analysis



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