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We are manufacturers of machine parts that are used in various industrial fields, including semiconductor and liquid-crystal-related work, and the assembly of small devices and modules. The facility is fully equipped for large-scale processing and can therefore handle large plates, thick plates, long objects, and dig deep machining.

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Our company has a consistent in-house production system that covers everything from material cutting to processing and assembly.
In terms of processed products, we mainly handle aluminum and stainless steel products, shaped products, precision products and micromachining products.
We also offer consultations at the design stage.
We use the processing experience and know-how that we have accumulated over many years to offer various types of proposals. 
We have also built our own production management system, so we can respond flexibly to ensure we meet required delivery times.
Precision-parts processing
We handle many aluminum plates for large items.
In addition, for medium and small items, we also manufacture highly developed and mass-produced items that are difficult to form.
We respond to various requests such as those that require surface precision or need parts that prioritize appearance.
We also accept requests and offer consultations regarding processing materials whenever possible.
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment unit assembly
We can handle everything from parts procurement to individual module and unit assembly based on detailed process control, and we can accept 
sudden changes in delivery dates.
In addition to individual inspections, we also meet the high quality needs of our customers by performing final inspections on each unit and aging 
after assembly.
Processing/assembly of sets of production jigs
Dedicated jigs for each process are essential to manufacture shaped objects and verify the quality of finished products.
Our company takes not only the accuracy of the jig itself into account but also its ease of use in manufacturing.
We are confident that the jigs we propose will be ideally suited to our customers' manufacturing processes.
Aluminum cut sheet sales/4F sales
In addition to mechanical processing, we sell “aluminum cut plate" and “aluminum 4F processed products” that are made by cutting aluminum materials.
Our main business is a small-lot sales. Please feel free to contact us and place an order.
We are happy to help our customers with low prices and fast service.

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