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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:34

Settsu Industrials Co., Ltd.

We are licensed to manufacture Type 1 and Type 2 pressure vessels. We provide integrated solutions ranging from the design and manufacture of the various pressure vessels used in a range of fields such as factories, schools, hospitals, welfare facilities, food factories, and chemical factories to manufacture, design, installation work, maintenance and machining.

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Production of various containers
Our company has licensed to manufacture 1st- and 2nd-tier pressure facilities.
We offer manufacturing and installation.
We can manufacture a variety of pressure vessels used in every field, including factories, schools, hospitals, welfare facilities, and production facilities for food and drugs.

Our first- and second-tier pressure vessels are used in a variety of applications, including various types of sterilizers, can vulcanization, storage tanks and steaming cans for soybeans. The shape can be round or square, the material can be iron or stainless steel, and the switchgears can be bolted, astoria, round, or square clutch door type.
Heat-exchanger fabrication
The machining department and the can manufacturing department cooperate in the manufacture of heat exchangers with a focus on shell and tube systems. 
We have built an integrated system that customers can trust and that covers everything from parts processing to can manufacturing and product inspection.
Other can manufacturing equipment production
We also manufacture devices that combine a exchanger and a tank into one unit to shorten the
on-site work period.
In our manufacturing of equipment units, we also perform electrical and heat insulation works.

We also manufacture screw conveyors and various mounts. So please contact us first.
Plant maintenance
Our company has a dedicated maintenance department, which lets us apply our abundant experience in the maintenance of equipment such as pumps, motors and speed reducers.
We are constantly improving our techniques to enable us to provide customers with performance that is once again close to that of new products.
In addition, our machining department enables us to manufacture parts such as shafts, improving short-term maintenance options.

We have therefore received excellent reviews from our customers for our maintenance and delivery capabilities.
Machine processing
We offer milling using machining centers, machining using NC lathes, and micromachining using multiple machines.
We have a system that can meet many requirements.

We can handle a wide range of materials from difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel to metals such as iron, aluminum, brass, and carbide.
Please contact us first of all
Plant = piping
We perform daily maintenance works such as plumbing work in the downstream field, maintenance of high pressure gas equipment, hazardous materials equipment, fire extinguishing equipment, LPG storage and shipping bases,
plumbing of industrial plants, and manufacturing plants where systems such as steel making, shipbuilding, ceramics, and IT parts are complicatedly intertwined,
and the manufacturing and installation of tanks and ducts.

In addition, we perform engineering that covers entire manufacturing plants for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals in a single system, the establishment, expansion and remodeling of new factories,
major renewal, daily maintenance, manufacture and installation of ducts and piping, and minor modifications.

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