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We make our customers' dreams come true as a navigator for “measurement,” “control” and “information.”

We are a navigator for “measurement,” “control” and “information.” Our mission is to make our customers' dreams come true with our knowhow in regard to these three items. To achieve this, we continue to keep abreast of the latest technologies regarding “measurement,” “control” and “information. We offer our customers solutions to arrive at a destination from where they are, using the shortest and safer route, by combining the latest technologies with substantial knowhow. We work with our customers to find the best ways of realizing our “customers’ dreams.”

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Smart plant solutions
[Details of our business]
Aiming for changes in the value chain and value propositions

– Creating additional value with our customers –

In a world overflowing with “things” and where there is increased orientation, the values required for the manufacturing industry evolve on a daily basis.
The existing products and processes need to be revised to accommodate the need for high-mix low-volume production and customization, etc. 

We generate innovation with our customers in the manufacturing industry and help them create generate additional value. 

[S-Smart additional value creation services]
Our experts in the areas of IE (industrial engineering) and data analysis help our customers generate additional value to change the value chain and value propositions. 
We work with our customers to design the goal to be achieved (KGI), performance indicators (KPI), and the additional values and improvement processes required for achieving the above, after confirming the challenges the customer faces in their business environment. 
• Streamlining production processes
• Providing new services
• Demand forecasting 
• Optimizing production plans and logistics
• Reform work styles 
• Handing techniques on to the next generation
[Creating additional value with local customers]
■ Streamlining energy for resin molding processes using IoT and AI
Resin molding processes require measures to tackle environmental issues (reduction in CO2 emissions) and reduction in energy usage for streamlining production. 
We generate customer solutions for calculating optimal energy supply based on the production situation, using IoT and machine learning technologies. 
It is estimated that if specific energy consumption is reduced, manufacturing costs are also reduced, thus improving price competitiveness. 

Sensing changes in temperature during injection molding
Making a database of manufacturing conditions
Machine learning
Calculating the optimal amount of energy shared

■ Optimizing manufacturing conditions using IoT and AI
Controlling the processes essential for continuing to produce non-defective products in production lines. 
 We need to accurately confirm changes in a process and based on these, make changes to manufacturing conditions. 

We make systems with our customers for simulating parameters, material characteristics, production equipment conditions etc., using IoT and AI technologies, and calculating the manufacturing conditions best suited for a change in a process. 

We contribute to customer manufacturing with increased additional value, combining our experience with AI technology. 

■ Streamlining inspection processes for both quality assurance and shortening of manufacture cycles, using IoT and AI.
Quality assurance is extremely important for production lines. If a company cannot meet quality requirements in markets, the company’s credibility is diminished and the power of their brand damaged immeasurably. 
However, an inspection process is treated as a cost on a production line and a more efficient inspection method is required, considering the manufacturing cycle. 

We make systems with our customers for collecting various data during manufacturing by using a sensor to inspect the status of finished products using AI technology, providing both quality assurance and shortening the manufacturing cycle. 
For example,
• From 100% inspection to sampling inspection + AI inspection
• Improving the accuracy of inspections of high value-added products using AI inspection

■ Automation of production equipment by RPA
RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is receiving attention as a technology for the automation (robotization) of clerical work. This technology also meets the needs of manufacturing sites. 
• Labor shortages are becoming a hotbed for long overtime hours.
• Setting and adjustment work for production equipment has become complicated due to high-mix and low-volume production. 
• The number of veteran operators at sites is decreasing and costs resulting from the incorrect configuration of equipment are increasing. 
• With respect to old equipment, handwritten records rather than data are commonly used. 

We automate PC operation for production equipment using RPA to improve productivity. 
For example,
• Preventing mistakes by automation of condition settings (recipe settings) for production equipment.
• Coordinating actual results output from production equipment and inspection machines using a process management system
• Fully automating operations that were previously performed by human operators
[S-Smart PoC Services]

What is important when deploying IoT and AI in manufacturing industry sites is to start small and win small!!

Start small but make sure you achieve a result 
You can use S-Smart PoC Services as a measure for that. 

[Activities related to IoT and AI]
We are promoting IoT and AI through the following activities: 
• We are a member of the AI Technology Consortium, the National Institute of the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
• We are certified as a support project by the IoT Acceleration Nagasaki pref Lab
• We are a member of the Japan Institute of Industrial Engineering (Kyushu)
• We are a member of the Kyushu IoT Community

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