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An engineering company striving to lead next-generation industries by pursuing technology and making innovations

We are a manufacturer designing, developing, and producing electronic equipment. We perform all the processes ranging from design to sheeting, harness production, assembly, inspection, and shipment in our company. Under a system quick to respond to shifting circumstances, we are able to meet clients' needs such as a short delivery period and small-lot production. Furthermore, we offer self-developed products including farming efficiency improvement support systems and systems for detecting deformed portions in concrete structures.

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[Analog/digital design]
By fully utilizing analog and digital technologies that we have nurtured for many years, we design software, circuits, printed-circuit boards, and sheet metal products (cases) in an integrated fashion. Furthermore, we design and develop dedicated inspection machines (jigs) used in our processes.
[Designing and developing software] 
In response to clients' needs, we select the programming language and perform programming. We are able to handle various languages including machine, assembler, C, VB, and JAVA (supporting .NET) languages. Also, we design and develop various sequencer software programs. We delightedly accept orders for only the design and development of a software program. Under an integrated management system of the processes which are design, development, and local procurement, we produce products at low cost and deliver them in a short period.  
[Designing and developing sheet metal products]
By utilizing our abundance of experience and numerous achievements in the production of precision measurement equipment for many years, we produce sheet metal products ranging from industrial control panels to racks, etc. requiring high precision.   
By flexibly responding to clients' requirements, we produce products ranging from a single prototype to mass-produced products. 
By applying our original know-how, we bundle tangled wires to reduce wrong wire connections and improve work efficiency. Since we are able to insert connector pins, pin failures caused by an impact can be avoided. We regard harnesses as harness assemblies and measure their continuity. In this way, we guarantee the quality of our harness parts. 
[Component mounting]  
When using an automatic or desktop soldering pot or performing manual soldering, we pay attention to the environment and do not use Pb at all. We use a printed board checker to check for wrong part insertion and solder bridges so as to guarantee mounting quality.  
[Assembly adjustment]
Under a cell production system carried out by skilled workers (electronic equipment assembly technicians), we are able to assemble a wide variety of products in small quantities. By using a dedicated inspection machine (jig), we check the operation of products and make adjustments.
[Guaranteeing inspection quality]
Finished products undergo a careful pre-shipment inspection by the Quality Guarantee Section. Their conditions such as voltage resistance, operation, and aging are inspected, and in-circuit checkers are used for the inspection. These are to provide users with highly reliable products.
Systems for detecting deformed portions in concrete structures: BLUE DOCTOR
[Stick type]
Install a hammer, PT-101, and depending on the purpose, a sensor, BH-102 or BF-102, to the base chassis. The supporting section of the chassis is a spherical bearing fulcrum shaft. Thanks to a stabilizer mechanism which allows the sensor to always be parallel to the measuring surface, pressing the sensor on the surface with a force of 1 to 2 kgw enables highly reliable measurement. When using this type independently at certain heights or in other places, attach an elastic stick, the length of which is approx. 3 m, to measure the ceiling, wall, or floor. 
[Robot type] 
We offer two types of transportation systems: A robot running on a plane (floor) and a suction running robot for walls. The center of the dolly is a load area in which devices required for measurement are installed. When installing BLUE DOCTOR in the area, be sure to install a stabilizer mechanism to it.

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