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Hashimoto Shoyu Co., Ltd.

We have devoted ourselves to Monozukuri craftsmanship for over 90 years since our business started in 1919. 
We put our soul into every drop delivered to our customers. This is our starting point for making soy sauce and miso.

As a flag waver for the most important traditional Japanese foods for people’s lives, such as miso, soy sauce, and amazake, we are contributing to society and delivering safe and delicious products to our customers.
We are very selective about our ingredients, method of manufacturing, and products, aiming to deliver products to our customers from which they can really feel the warmth of human hands.


Sales Pitch

Soy sauce used exclusively for raw eggs on rice
• The first soy sauce used exclusively for raw eggs on rice
We developed the first seaweed-based soy sauce used exclusively for raw eggs on rice in Japan. We are proud of this product, brought to market after spending six years on the development of soy sauce suited for raw eggs on rice. This has been extremely well received by customers. 
• The rich taste of Makombu (kelp) taken from Hokkaido
Makombu from Hokkaido, with a rich taste, is used to make soy sauce that brings out the flavor of the rice and egg. It has an irresistible mellow and rich taste with a long aftertaste. 
• As a long- established soy sauce manufacturer, having started our business in Kumamoto in 1919, we have poured our soul into every drop of this authentic soy sauce.
Refreshing amazake (fermented rice drink) made from barley – Select vegetables and fruit from Kumamoto.
• Osama Tomato (king tomato) grown in Kumamoto
They are grown in soil containing a high quantity of mineral-rich, fine-tasting groundwater, and lots of sunlight in a mild climate, characteristics of the region. Osama Tomatoes are a variety of Reiyo Tomatoes. They are large-size tomatoes that are relatively firm and have a taste with a good balance of sourness and sweetness. Of course, you can also enjoy eating them raw. They are produced by the Tomato Division of JA Kumamoto approved by Kumamoto Prefecture as an Eco-Farmer. For soil cultivation, they consistently use the minimum amount of chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals and use compost and effective microorganisms. We only select completely ripe tomatoes, freeze them in a decompression concentrator, and crush the whole tomatoes including their skins and seeds. We are proud of the rich concentration of tastes and flavors in our products.  
• Lemons grown in Uki City, Kumamoto
These are grown in Uki City, where there are many slopes for catching the sun. We pay attention to soil cultivation, pruning, pest control, etc. to grow lemons with a taste with a good balance of sourness and sweetness. Lemon juice is valuable because it is not possible to produce a large quantity from a single lemon. People in JA Uki work together to grow the lemons. 
• Hinohikari (rice) and barley grown in Kumamoto
We are proud of Hinohikari, which is grown using a large quantity of fine-tasting groundwater. 
Additionally, letting the water flow to rice fields for rice cultivation leads to maintenance of soil fertility and the preservation of groundwater. 
 We use whole grains of our rice to make soy sauce. We do not use crushed processing-use rice. 
 The rice is managed under dry conditions suited to rice malt and we maintain as many whole grains as possible before shipping. 
We also use barley containing high quantities of dietary fiber and protein. We add malt to shining golden barley on the soil of Kumamoto. It was confirmed in our joint research with Tokyo University of Agriculture that amazake made from barley malt contains resistant proteins.
Bimisoden Amazake (inherited fine tasting amazake)
We do not use rice for processing or crushed rice and use only whole grains of rice grown for food purposes in Kyushu. 
We are proud of our beautiful white amazake refreshing sweetness. 

• Select domestic ingredients
We only use domestically grown rice in our products. We do not use crushed rice or the like and use only whole grains of rice grown for food purposes. 
• Delicious water in Kumamoto
Kumamoto is called the lagoon city and has a rich natural aquatic environment. We manufacture our products using this fine tasting water taken from Kumamoto. 
• We never use preservatives or thickening agents
We never use preservatives, such as vitamins, or thickening agents, including xanthane gum. We deliver the natural taste of rice and rice malt to our customers. 
• We manufacture our products in a sanitary environment
We established a new plant in March 2014 and obtained the HACCP (Lv. 8) certification for Kumamoto City. We manufacture our products in a sanitary environment, as a plant certified by the HACCP for Kumamoto City.

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