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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:02

GreenTechno21 CO.,LTD.

We are promoting development each day to eliminate the disposal of eggshells and recycle them as calcium carbonate for reproducing life.

We develop, produce, and sell slip prevention materials for sports, white line powder for school fields, and wallpapers for houses. Their raw materials are recycled and processed eggshells disposed of from food factories. We recycle eggshells that have conventionally been disposed of as industrial waste, thus reducing waste as much as possible. Furthermore, we aim at "recycling them in ways that are understandable to children."

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Sales Pitch

We would like to be an enterprise that contributes to the improvement of companies, local communities, and the world.
Field and sports products
Field lines (white lines), slip prevention materials, chalk, etc.
Horticulture Department
Calcium carbonate for reproducing life
Natural organic lime that neutralizes acid soil to make the soil pH suitable for crop growth. Scattering calcium carbonate (eggshell-based fertilizer) on soil leads to the transfer of alkaline components contained in eggshells to the soil, adjusting its acid level. Therefore, the fertilizer is optimum for Japanese soil. 
Furthermore, since eggshells have a porous structure, the fertilizer activates the propagation of microbes, improves crumb structure, and contributes to soil cultivation. 
Since we produce the fertilizer without using fire, it contains an abundant amount of animal protein derived from eggshells as well as shell membranes and of natural trace elements. Furthermore, since the fertilizer does not react with water to produce heat, farmers can plant seeds and seedings immediately after scattering the fertilizer.
Material Department
Building raw materials, functional materials, industrial materials, feed, cosmetic raw materials, fertilizer, plastic raw materials, etc. 
What is GRASP?
We started developing GRASP with the objective of "producing chalk that is most trusted by climbers."
At the beginning of 2017, we, Green Techno 21, K.K., started developing GRASP chalk by making use of our know-how, which is demonstrated by our top-class production of slip prevention materials for sports in Japan, and by utilizing the rich knowledge, experience, and sense that have so far been accumulated by Mr. Dai Koyamada, a world-leading climber. We repeatedly tried as many materials and combinations as possible until obtaining satisfactory results, produced several hundred prototypes, thought of every possibility, spent approximately 1 year for trial production, and finally succeeded in developing the high-performance chalk "GRASP".

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