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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:33

Houzan Industrials Co., Ltd.

We manufacture steel structures such as plant, steel frames, and steel towers. We manufacture steel tube columns such as pedestals, transmission line towers, and mobile phone communication towers, based on each manufacturer’s specification.

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Sales Pitch

Steel tower/plant/can-manufacturing business
Conveyor stands,
 Plant stands and and solar stands.
Steel towers
 We have a proven track record in the manufacture of transmission towers, observation towers and communication towers.
Steel-pipe columns
 In terms of colors and shapes, our communication towers for cellular phones and F-shaped pillars used for highway signs are
 made with full consideration of the cityscape.

In addition, we also offer tanks/water tanks, filtration tanks, various hoppers, corridors, sludge dewatering equipment, combustion furnaces, roofs for outdoor facilities, spiral staircases, balustrades and handrails for bridges, and experimental equipment used by various academic research facilities, made to order according to the specifications of each customer. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information. 
3D measurement (laser tracker)
We use 3D measuring devices (Leica Absolute Tracker AT40) produced by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for three-dimensional measurement.
Environmental business
Disinfected electrolyzed water feeder
@ Disinfecting PREMIUM hand and wash
 Just by holding your hand still, removal of bacteria, and deodorization can be done safely with acidic electrolyzed water. This is non-contact type of cleaning, which makes it sanitary.
ESS-ZERO The water that protects your life
 Amazing cleaning power even though it only uses water. Hygiene management for entire facilities using electrolyzed water. In areas such as detergent fees, water fees and boiler fuel fees for heating hot water,
 impressive cost reduction benefits can be expected.

Environmental purification device ECO-C-PLUS α
 Preventing the growth of mold bacterium by quickly killing airborne mold bacterium,
 the risk of their adhesion and proliferation on walls is significantly reduced.
 Safe and secure: photocatalytic filters kill and decompose fungi.
 Active substances such as ozone are not released.

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