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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:44

ARENA Co., Ltd.

We are a company that produces items that fit your lifestyle. The representative of the items is "CUP!CA, a nail polisher to make your nails shine". More than 1 million CUP!CA Series products have so far been sold. 

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Description of business
Nail care business
We offer a variety of nail-related products the representatives of which are the "CUP!CA" series. They are hot-selling nail polishers, and more than 1 million of them have so far been sold. Furthermore, our product lineup includes "BABY cup!ca", a nail file for babies including newborn babies, and "Animal Nail File" for pets. 
Our NB (national brand) products have steadily grown nearer to customers' lives, and are sold at shops such as drug stores, mass retailers, variety shops, and general lifestyle stores. We are constantly taking on new challenges.
OEM-based production business
Playing the role of the Japanese branch office of NAIL ACE Co., Ltd., a South Korean Company that supplies nail-related products to 110 countries around the world, since 2004 ARENA Co., Ltd. has increased its business locations and expanded as well as improved its support system to meet diversified needs of customers all over Japan.
Thanks to high-quality services and a rich product lineup, we have provided products that satisfy Japanese customers and have a track record of delivering a lot of OEM products to the Japanese market. In order to meet the needs of customers in the future, we will continue to strengthen our business.
Baby care business
Under the slogan of "Solving parenting-related problems to support today’s fathers and mothers!", in 2020, we established a new brand, Arena Child Care Collection. 
The first launched product is the hot selling product "BABY cup!ca", which led to the establishment of the brand and which is a nail file for babies including newborn babies. The second launched product, "Tako Tako Oni Oni Onkoropoi", which is a kit for babies to give up thumb-sucking, is now on sale. 
Listening to the voices of people who are struggling to raise children including babies, we will continue developing products in the future.



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