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We are able to offer welding of large and thick plates (11,000 mm x φ3,500 mm).  Many accomplishments in major plants  We design and manufacture pressure vessels and process machine parts and manufacture injection molds and piping prefabs.

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Manufacturing (can manufacturing)
As a pressure vessel manufacturing licensed factory, we are engaged in the design of various pressure vessels (one pressure and two pressure), dangerous goods tanks (applicable to the Fire Service Act) and heat exchangers.
In recent years, there have been many requests for manufacturing with quick delivery, so our company is implementing its own initiative.
In addition to meeting with customers, our whole company is involved in working on high quality and quick delivery by promoting high efficiency in tie-ups involving designs, secondary processing of materials, CAD / CAM conversion, welding and post-processing.

Reasons to choose us
1. Technical ability
  We are a thoughtful can manufacture welding meister group, that uses top-class Japanese welding technology 
2. Quality strength
  Construction management system based on WPS and PQR
3. Response/improvement power
  We conduct a design review before production to refine the process
  Integrated production system that covers everything from design and can manufacturing/welding to completed units
5. Factory/facility
  Our factory is capable of welding thick plate, large materials and large cans (11,000 mm x φ3,500 mm) (site area: approximately 17,500 square meters)
6. Achievements
  We offer various types of product to suit a range of needs and applications, such as heat exchangers, pressure vessels, vessels for major plant manufacturers,
Manufacturing (machine)
We specialize in machine parts processing, design, and manufacture of injection molds and equipment assembly.
Machine parts can be machined in 2.5D and 3D with NC milling machines and NC lathes, making full use of CAD/CAM to achieve high-precision and using high-quality machining technology to offer quick delivery.
In addition, we use 3D CAD for mold design to achieve high precision and high quality.
We have designed and manufactured automatic machines, material handling equipment and various experimental jigs, and we have already achieved results.
Our piping prefabrication method uses our own management systems from receipt of materials to shipment, with integrated processes covering everything until the finished product is shipped.
In addition, our piping design is examined in 3D CAD for interference, elevation, and placement with high precision, and our prefab ratio is 100%. Therefore, no welding work is done on site and welding troubles are eliminated.
The prefabrication method has a great effect on shortening work periods and quality improvement.

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