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"Strengthening, beautifying, and renewing all metals"
We support industries all over the world by performing surface treatment to improve the durability and functionality of metals.

We are good at surface treatment of metals used for products of heavy industries such as shipbuilding, power generation plants, and aerospace. 
(1) We can produce (assemble and weld), pickle, plate, and paint pipes for ship engines and deliver them just in time.
(2) We have highly precise and high-quality treatment technologies such as chemical polishing or passivation treatment of SUS, AI, Ti, and other metals used for aerospace applications.

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Sales Pitch

By utilizing core technologies related to production, surface treatment, and painting, we meet various needs of clients!
We produce pipes, treat as well as paint their surfaces, inspect them, and deliver them just in time!
Track record: Ironworks, thermal power plants, hydraulic equipment, ship engines, and marine vessels
We have large pickling equipment the width of which is 12 m and are a prominent surface treatment manufacturer in Nagasaki Prefecture that can perform processes including the production, pickling, chemical conversion treatment, painting, and pressure proof inspection of small-, middle-, as well as large-sized products.
Accordingly, when producing a wide variety of products in small quantities, we can surely complete the production on time according to the lot number and deliver the products just in time.
Cooperation with partner factories in Nagasaki and other prefectures allows us to receive orders for surface treatment such as heat treatment which our factories cannot perform.
Chemical polishing treatment that allows for the polishing of all metals at low cost, in a short delivery period!
Track record: Aerospace, defense, electric, as well as medical equipment and industrial parts
Chemical polishing treatment is a treatment technology in which a metal product is immersed in a processing solution to remove minute unevenness and dirty layers from its surface through a chemical reaction.
Chemical polishing treatment has the merits specified below.
(1) It easily allows for the polishing and processing of difficult-to-machine materials (such as titanium alloys and stainless steel) which are hardly processed with methods such as physical machining.
(2) Compared with physical machining, it can process metal products in a short time. Therefore, the processing cost can be reduced. 
(3) The treatment method is very simple: Immersing the product in a processing solution. Therefore, compared with other polishing methods (such as buff polishing and electrolytic polishing), it easily allows for treatment.
(4) It allows for the polishing of products with complicated shapes, minute products, and large-sized products that are hardly polished with other polishing methods.
We can visit various sites in and outside Japan to provide services!
Track record: Infrastructures (such as water gates and dams), building material factories, electric power or chemical plants, industrial waste disposal plants, semiconductor-related factories, beverage factories, plants in countries other than Japan, and destroyers of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
By utilizing the chemical-cleaning-related knowledge, technology, and experience that we, a metal surface treatment manufacturer, have accumulated over a long period, we visit various plants, factory facilities, etc. and chemically clean, flush, or paint pipes and heat exchangers that are installed there.
We perform on-site confirmation, propose as well as execute processing methods, and deliver products to clients in a one-stop manner. Of these processes, we attach particular importance to on-site confirmation and meetings with clients that we perform before executing processing methods. We believe that we can propose processing methods which satisfy clients in terms of quality, delivery period, and cost, thanks to the on-site confirmation and meetings.
Even for fixed impurities and unknown components that are difficult to physically remove, we will solve them with the knowledge and know-how of chemical cleaning that we have cultivated over many years. After receiving a sample of the impurities in advance, we will examine the components using our own analyzer and develop and formulate the optimum chemicals therefor.
The range of our on-site visits to conduct on-site work is not limited to the Kyushu area and can be carried out anywhere in the world.

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