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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:11


One-stop manufacturing for packaging materials.

A comprehensive paper container manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and sells paper containers of all types, such as cardboard boxes, Thompson boxes, and ornamental boxes, as well as partitioning and cushioning materials for the insides of boxes.
In addition to the custom manufacturing of single boxes, we combine various paper containers, comprehensively designing the outer box, inner box, and dividers to make the products delivered to our customers more appealing. We also provide services, such as packing, storage, and transportation that contribute to the efficiency and optimization of logistics.

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"Protect" by Satomi Paper Works
Corrugated container products, which are our main product, play a very important role in product transportation. So-called product protection is important. Also, safety management of delicate devices is an important issue for packaging in the electronics industry. It is essential to meet the conflicting demands of durability and weight reduction.
At Satomi Sikou, we realize higher quality and flexible production/management using the latest equipment as well as the expertise that we have accumulated. We earn the trust of our customers by always responding to orders with swiftness and accuracy.
[Cushioning material]
Cushioning material used to prevent damage and scratches during shipping and delivery. Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard corner pads, as well as partitions that protect small products from scratches or damage and make them easier to take out. Please contact us regarding the preferred size and materials.
[Packaging materials]
We also offer packaging materials used for shipping. Stretch films, EcoMother, AirCap, PP bands, and stoppers. We offer a wide variety of sizes, eco-friendly products, and antistatic products and offer proposals for products that will meet your requirements.
"Sorting" by Satomi Paper Works
Recently, with the streamlining of logistics and distribution systems becoming more efficient, it is becoming common for companies to use only products that meet their standards. It follows from this that packages are being incorporated into product units.
At Satomi Shikou, we have been researching and pursuing more efficient packaging and lean transportation packaging systems. We propose products that take into account not only the assortment of products but their distribution as well, in areas such as boxes, packaging materials, and cushioning materials that are each made according to customer requests.
"Directing" by Satomi Paper Works
Another role of packaging is to promote products and make them stand out. This includes cosmetic cases and other nonlogistics packaging. They promote the content of products and generate purchases at stores and showcases. They are an essential material for marketing activities.
At Satomi Sikou, we are actively involved in creating this type of packaging from a professional standpoint. As we view packages not only as containers but as unique and attractive media, we engage in collaborative projects with design companies and printing companies.

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