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Odazo Seifun Co., Ltd.

Wheat specialist

We provide high-quality wheat, which is produced using domestically leading edge flour milling technology, to the breadmaking, confectionary, and noodle making industries. Our strength lies in our ability to focus on custom wheat products that are tailored to individual companies’ needs, as well as our ability to provide technical advice and support for everything through to recipe development, in addition to our wheat sales. Many of our sales staff are skilled in breadmaking and confectionery and are able to respond to advanced questions instantaneously on site, helping us to support Japan’s food industries.

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Sales Pitch

Strengths of Odazo Flour Milling Co., Ltd.
1: "Efforts for retail support companies"
At Odazo Flour Milling Co., Ltd., we make efforts to develop human resources in a way that helps us to support our customers’ product development and management, and have established a system that allows us to speedily address their questions in person, in addition to providing the support of experienced engineers (support staff) by phone. 
Not only out engineers but also our sales staff attend a 100-day technical bakery training course conducted by Japan Institute of Baking and a five-day udon seminar run by Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd. As our sales staff have the same level of expertise as engineers, you are welcome to consult them regarding technical issues.

We also focus on developing new menus, and regularly hold seminars and study sessions. We engage in research and development from various perspectives in our development room, which incorporates noodle-making, confectionary and bread-making equipment, with the goal of developing new products and improving quality, and we apply the results of this research and development to our products, and share the information we gather.
Our development room is always open to the users of our products, which are used widely, and we provide technologies and expertise in terms of information. 
We also deliver trend information from our staff with in-depth knowledge of market research, so that our customers have access to latest market trends, while ensuring the implementation of marketing research that is focused on market globalization.
2: "Factory with thorough hygiene management"
We perform thorough hygiene control, from material procurement to packing (packaging) and shipment.
We have passed an AIB food safety audit every year since 2008. In AIB food safety standards, food hygiene management forms the basis of the manufacturing site.  To ensure safe food manufacturing, AIB audits everything from material procurement to product shipment.

We perform thorough hygiene management according to a master cleaning schedule, and our food safety commission conducts voluntary inspections every month, using inspection mirrors, flashlights, and spatulas to assess if there are potential hazards and to take improvement measures as required.
To receive a Superior Rating in AIB Food Safety Inspection, we will make efforts to showcase our factory operations so that customers can visit us anytime for a factory tour.
3: "Safety with established food quality control and traceability"
[Quality assurance system to be enhanced: Quality Assurance Management Department]
As various food issues have occurred, governments have been laying out new guidelines recently.
We have dedicated staff to ensure provision of quick responses on an as-needed basis.

[Ensuring traceability]
In the wake of food allergy and BSE issues, mislabeling, and fraudulent product origin representation, concerns regarding consumer options have been increasing. Traceability is being particularly focused on in the food industry.
We engage in risk control by establishing a traceability system for processes from material procurement and production to commercial distribution.

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