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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:09

Fuji Bakelite Co., Ltd.

A plastic manufacturer that integrates technology with art.

A comprehensive plastic manufacturer that handles thermal setting plastics as well as all types of thermoplastics. As a partner of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Ltd., we manufacture breaker components with high quality and reliability. In addition, we have received excellent evaluations for our high-design panels, which have been widely used in high-end European and domestic vehicles. We also taking on the challenge of developing products in new fields such as semiconductors and medical devices.

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For customers looking for this type of processing
[Film insert molding]
There is an increasing demand for larger cover panels and curved shapes. Fuji Bakelite’s film insert molding technology can satisfy these demands. We are working to improve our technology to handle more complex shapes.
<Application examples>
 ●Car audio devices, car navigation panels
 ● Panels for car air conditioners
 ● Other stylish and functional parts

[Two-color molding]
Two-color molding technology that integrally molds different materials and colors. By molding parts without seam lines, functionality and design are improved, enabling high levels of expression. This technology also leads to cost reduction.
<Application examples>
 ● Panels for car audio devices
 ● Panels for car air conditioners
 ● Other stylish and functional parts

[Weldless molding]
Welds can affect the quality of appearance. We have established technology that prevents such occurrences to ensure high-quality products. The improved surface gloss means coating processes are not required. This technology is also strong in terms of rigidity.
<Application examples>
 ● Transparent and translucent parts: Car audio devices, panels for car navigation systems (decorative boards)
 ● Parts that undergo plating or vapor deposition: small parts, such as buttons of audio devices
 ● Thin parts: Memory cards
 ● Parts that require high rigidity: Home appliances such as digital cameras, personal computers, and projector housings
 ● Uncoated parts: LCD panels, and LCD frame panels for car audio devices and car navigation systems

[Water-based coating]
We have responded quickly to strict European environmental standards and have established water-based coating technology that reduces volatile organic compounds. We are focused on environmentally friendly manufacturing, while pursuing quality and design that is comparable to solvent coating.
 ● In terms of both quality and design, equal or better performance has been maintained when compared with solvent-based coating.

[UV Coating]
We have established a UV coating technology with a highly dense molecular structure, which enables product surfaces to have high hardness. We provide coating products that have excellent functions such as
scratch resistance, stain resistance, and chemical resistance.
<Application examples>
 ● General automotive interior parts
 ● Parts with high scratch resistance

[Hot stamping]
Hot stamping technology enables high-quality metallic decorations that were previously difficult to achieve with ink. It is usable on curved parts, curved products, and large-size products, enabling highly expressive designs.
<Application examples>
 ● General automotive interior parts
Our strengths in QCD
[Integrated production system that enables high-quality, high-design and the ability to flexibly respond to expectations about delivery times and cost]
An established integrated production system that starts from examination of specifications and spans technical proposals to the customer (planning), mold design/manufacturing, molding, decoration, assembly/processing, and quality inspection. This is the most prominent characteristic and greatest strength of Fuji Bakelite. This system supports the production of high-quality, high-design products, and enables us to respond flexibly to expectations about delivery times and costs.

[Under our principle of 100% nondefective products, we endlessly pursue 100% customer satisfaction]
Fuji Bakelite’s customers trust our quality. To continue to earn this trust, we have set our goal of “100% quality products” and “100% customer satisfaction.” In our production lines, we strive for the goal of “zero defective products,” and check whether each task was performed according to the procedure manual. Regarding quality, we strive for “process self-completion” where build-in is guaranteed for each process. We have also introduced state-of-the-art evaluation and examination equipment. We have a thorough inspection system in place that prevents the outflow of defective products through collaboration between humans and machines. Further, we conduct small group activities within the company, with more than 40 groups over the span of 30 years, and have established a company-wide quality control system that includes our overseas factories as well.
Production examples
[Thermosetting/Thermoplastic breakers/Electricity meter parts]
・Breaker parts that excel in strength, heat resistance, and insulation
・Mechanical parts for the insides of breakers
・Cores of smart grids ・Smart meter parts
・Insert molded products and fuel-pump related precision molded products

[High-design panels for automobiles]
・Various interior parts for automobiles
・Operating panel parts that feel more transparent than glass
・High-design panels created from precision molding and decoration technologies, such as for automobile-related audio systems, navigation systems, and air conditioners.

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