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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:48

Itoku Foods Co. Ltd

We are a company producing products under the company motto, "Revolutionize human body temperatures by using ginger."

We produce and sell only products related to ginger. We produce "steamed ginger" which is produced by steaming raw ginger, and other ginger products that are based on "steamed ginger". 
The effect of ginger is increased by heating. "Steamed ginger" warms your body from the inside.
When raw ginger is steamed, shogaol contained in it increases by 33-fold. "Steamed ginger" comes in the form of dried powder.

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Low-temperature steaming and drying
The effect of ginger is increased by heating.
Ginger is a foodstuff with great health benefits recognized all over the world. In Chinese medical science, ginger has been highly appreciated as a crude drug that maintains body balance and improves poor circulation. “Crude drug” is the general term for animals, plants, and minerals in the natural world that have pharmacological effects. Chinese medicine is made by combining multiple crude drugs. Ginger is used as a raw material for many types of Chinese medicine. 
In 1990, due to a report issued by the American Institute for Cancer Research, "phytochemicals", effective ingredients contained in foods that have an effect of preventing cancers, received attention. Phytochemicals are natural functional ingredients which plants produce to protect themselves from outside enemies and ultraviolet rays. 
Ginger contains the phytochemicals "gingerol" and "shogaol." Research conducted after the issuance of the report has revealed that the two phytochemicals are ingredients that are expected to have not only cancer prevention effects, but also various benefits. When gingerol is heated, it changes into "shogaol." Shogaol is a most important ingredient that warms your body from the inside.
"Steamed ginger" that warms your body from the inside
Of the effects that ginger has, what is most expected is the body-warming effect. Gingerol contained in raw ginger has the effects of warming body surfaces and promoting perspiration. However, if too much gingerol is consumed, the perspiration may cool down your body.
On the other hand, shogaol contained in heated ginger burns carbohydrates and fats, creating heat in your body. This produces the effect of warming your body from the inside. It is known that shogaol is expected to produce various effects for the beauty of women that include weight reduction and skin enhancement.  
It is said that if shogaol is heated at high temperatures of 100ºC or higher, its effects disappear. For ginger to be evenly heated for a certain period of time at a temperature up to 100ºC, steaming is the most effective method.
The more convenient "steamed ginger"
Steamed ginger immediately goes bad if it is left as is. When ginger is sliced and dried, its shelf life is improved. Furthermore, when ginger is powdered, it can easily be dredged over various foods. 
An examination of actual ingredients contained in ginger revealed that when ginger is dried, shogaol, an ingredient a tiny amount of which is contained in ginger, increases by 21-fold or higher. Furthermore, unlike in cases where ginger is simply dried, when raw ginger is steamed and then dried, shogaol contained in it amazingly increases by 33-fold. 
Such an ingredient change cannot easily be visually checked. Although it takes time, we recommend that you steam and powder ginger by yourself, or to purchase steamed and powdered ginger from reliable manufacturers. If you put powdered ginger into a small container and preserve it, you can easily carry it with you when you go out. Keeping it handy enables you to continue a habit of taking a small amount of steamed ginger every day.

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