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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:46


We are a comprehensive design company, including electrical and civil engineering design

We respond quickly to satisfy your needs. We handle a wide range of tasks, from various investigations to deisgn and construction for power, electrical, civil engineering, architectural, and communications purposes.

Recently we have also been providing storage battery regeneration and diagnosis services.

We have also developed and patented a power storage device that makes use of solar power generation.

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Business overview
Design of buildings and equipment
We conduct research, design, and supervision for a wide range of buildings, road lighting, and other equipment, as well as building equipment for schools, housing, parks, playgrounds, and so on.

We contribute to the community to provide a more comfortable and safe environment through planning, design, estimation, and supervision for electrical installations, machines, and communications equipment.
Communications equipment investigation, design, and construction
With the advent of the IoT era, cloud and Internet services are increasing at an accelerated pace. We provide investigation, design, and construction services for the transmission, communication line, and wireless facilities that have become indispensable for these services.

We also build systems for equipment control, and for digitizing paper-based documents like applications and completion documents. 

In the field of communications, which is undergoing remarkable technical innovations, we will continue to quickly respond to society's needs. 

Renewable energy business
[Environmentally friendly power systems for wide-area parks and municipal parks]
Reduces CO2 emissions by reusing storage batteries for facilities and forklifts!

[General systems for emergency equipment designed for disaster-prevention parks]

Communications networks between evacuation centers, disaster control headquarters, and other facilities: Confirmation of victim status and safety

Securing power supply and drinking water at evacuation centers: Electricity for generating drinking water, recharging mobile devices, nighttime lighting, and heat for cooking

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