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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:45


Cutting with laser beam machines and providing shaped steel as well as products whose pipes are bent 

We cut and process products with laser beam machines and have our vendors bend and process shaped steel as well as pipes. Even for small lot products, we swiftly and carefully perform laser processing and bend shaped steel as well as pipes. Depending on the request, we are able to perform secondary processing such as plate bending, tapping, machining, and welding.

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Single item production & short delivery period!
Laser machining
In technological innovation which changes day by day, our Laser Center is continuously challenging the established processing technology to satisfy the needs of clients.
Recently, in related industry fields such as construction, industrial machinery, leisure facilities, and aluminum building materials, there has been a strong tendency for bending technology to be fully utilized in order to achieve differentiation.
Our Bending Center is equipped with various types of high-performance equipment that can respond to the needs of clients in a timely manner.
Our original product, "Sawarancha" (touch tool)
A contactless door opener. As an item for avoiding COVID-19 infection, it allows the user to open and close a door without the need to directly touch the doorknob, etc.

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