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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:11

Tanaka & Shobundo Graphic Art Co., Ltd.

We will be of service to you in book printing, commercial printing, self-publishing, on-demand printing, and website production!

We are a total printing company engaging in the following businesses: Offset printing; on-demand printing; making advertising plans: planning and producing multimedia products (websites, CD-ROM, DVD, and AR [Augmented Reality] advertisements); and database/content production. 

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Sales Pitch

Product lineup
Printing services
Circulars and posters
As for tourism posters, event posters, circulars, flyers, etc., we undertake processes starting with planning or designing. Needless to say, we welcome the submission of data to be printed! 
Our main products are saddle-stitched all-color brochures. We propose sizes by considering how the brochure will be used, and the design that appeals to the targets.
Memorial magazines and booklets
Needless to say, we provide consultation for composition and specifications of books. Furthermore, we provide support for processes, including research, editing, and character proofreading, by utilizing know-how cultivated for many years.
Business cards, postcards, and envelopes
Printed matter for business, including business cards, envelopes, and various types of slips, is an important item that represents your company. We are able to meet requirements for inventory management and short delivery deadlines. 
Novelty goods 
We are able to undertake processes from planning to production of various novelty goods ranging from those showing a company name, a school name, or an introductory sentence for a product to museum goods. 
On-demand printing
This is a system for printing what you need, when you need it, and at the required amount (on demand).
Compared with the conventional printing processes, on-demand printing processes are simple and speedy, enabling considerable total cost reduction.
We are able to produce colors, which can meet the needs of all customers, on demand. Since the on-demand printing processes are based on digital data, they have a lot of merits peculiar to digital processes. 
Business data is directly printed!
The list summarizes the specifications required for the submission of data to be printed. The list also shows the Windows and Mac software that can be output.  
Website creation
Content power is an ability for editing information. The ability is universally required even when the medium changes. The spread of the Internet has been exponentially increasing the amount of information on networks. As hardware has been improved and spread, the problem is software quality: "what information is sent, and how it is sent." 
We utilize the content power and information processing technology, which have been nurtured through the production of printed matter, for the production of a variety of media including websites.    
AR advertisements
Let the user watch the video via the flyer or booklet! 
Holding the smartphone or tablet over the flyer or booklet, on which an AR advertisement is printed, activates the video!
When you tap the screen, you are guided to an existing website, an application form, a procurement form, or another type of form. As a result, AR advertisements directly lead to the provision of detailed information and to the invitation/attraction of more customers.   
*Please note that watching the video requires a dedicated app, "COCOAR".

*Rapid spread of smartphones
As smartphones have been spreading, smartphone apps employing AR are utilized as new communication or promotion tools. 

*Cross-media promotion and information provision
By utilizing printed matter such as posters, flyers, and DM (Direct Mail), cross-media promotion and information provision (for example, from printed matter to a video or a smartphone website) are enabled.

*Rich amount of information provided from a small space
From a small image such as a logo and photo, you can play the video with sound and a rich amount of information.
Since the video with sound shows movements, width, and depth, it produces more realistic sensations and attracts sympathy. 
Digital booklets
Two facing pages of a booklet are shown on the PC screen. You can "turn over" the pages to read the booklet, as if you were reading a real booklet. 
When you click the right/left side of the shown pages, you "really and quickly" go on to the next page or back to the previous page, as if you were reading a real booklet. Therefore, digital booklets have strong visual impacts. You can read digital booklets on not only PC screens, but also smartphones.

Since the existing PDF files can be converted into digital booklet data, digital booklets can swiftly be created. Furthermore, the converted data can be recorded on CD-ROM which can be carried around.
Digital booklets have rich functions such as a text search function, a zooming function, a labeling function, and a function for linking to other websites.   

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