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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:13

Asahirika Co., Ltd.

We have a “high quality” and “no limitations” attitude. This is the monozukuri craftsmanship of Asahi Rika Co. Ltd.

An engineering plastic mass-production precision molding company that provides support for the full process, from mold design to molding, offering products with sure quality. Top-ranked in share of circuit board covers for automobile engines. We have built a production system in cooperation with our Chinese subsidiary to maintain high quality and respond to globalization and cost-reduction requirements.

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Sales Pitch

For customers looking for this type of processing
Asahi Rika Co., Ltd., a pioneer in engineering plastics, has a long history in the field of injection molding. We are capable of meeting quality requirements for a wide range of products including automobile parts, power tools, and communication equipment.
[Injection molding]
 We offer injection molding using engineering plastics. We of course also offer injection molding using general-purpose resins.
 <Materials handled>
 ・General plastics (PE, PP, PS, ABS, and TPE)
 ・Engineering plastics (PA, POM, PC, PBT, and PPS)
[Finishing work/assembly]
 Not only do we offer plastic molding but also assembly and packaging done by our professional staff.
Our strengths in QCD
[Integrated production system]
Asahi Rika will communicate with manufacturers and serve as the contact point throughout the entire process, from planning and product design to mold-creation and plastic molding.
[Flow analysis]
 Plastic injection molding simulation software is used to conduct filling analysis for thermoplastic resins. This software uses animation, making it possible for us check the resin-filling process within the mold cavity, which usually cannot be seen. We can examine the runner balance and take measures against weld lines and sink marks.
[Defect detection system using a high-sensitivity CCD camera]
 This system enables quick detection of defects by taking pictures of the products during the molding process. It dramatically increases the accuracy of defect detection, thereby reducing the number of work processes needed. Also, cost reduction is achieved due to more efficient inspection.
[Coordinate measuring]
 A high-precision 3D measuring device uses probe heads to automatically measure points in the micron range, on 3D coordinate axes.
 Products are inspected in accordance with their respective inspection standards. In addition, assessments within each process are managed by FMF inspection to achieve maximum quality.
Main products
Engineering plastic molded products such as covers for automobile engine electronic boards and electric tool housings.

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