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Responding to producing a wide range of plastic injection molding and assembly from small precision items to large products

Since our founding in 1964, our company has been developing plastic injection processing and assembly as our basic business.  Our main products are housing wiring devices and LCD TV-related parts, and we are responding to daily changing needs. We are good at low-volume high-mix production and can handle a wide range of products from small precision products to large-scale items. We have a 24-h production system, and we make daily improvements in competitiveness, productivity, and quality.

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Strengths and products of Kyoei Industries
Strengths of Kyoei Industries
We offer analysis using the resin flow analysis software “MoldFlow”
We do not depend only on experience as before, but we conduct resin flow analysis in-house at the design stage to check if there are any sections that might possibly cause defects after forming. If you entrust us with your 3D drawing data, we can immediately conduct flow analysis at the estimation stage.
Realization of traceability through quality information management system
We have introduced a quality information management system by Fanuc MOLD24i and have automatically collected and recorded records of approximately one million shots of data. Moreover, we can realize reliable continuous quality management for 24 hours a day based on information of process management, operation results, molding conditions history, and trend charts.
Long experience and high technological capability
Many national license holders who support our several years of experience and technology are registered.
Injection molding special technician ...1
Injection molding first grade technician ...8
Injection molding second grade technician ...9
Various measuring devices
We have various measuring devices including digital microscopes and image size measuring instruments. High-accuracy measurement results can be obtained by a cutting-edge image measuring instrument in seconds and multiple measurements can be obtained simultaneously, so time and cost of quality management can be reduced.
Features of our company seen from cases
Design support through resin flow analysis
The resin flow analysis provided by us is important for preventing various problems that occur later in the production of resin products and to reduce the cost of the products. By conducting analysis in advance and setting measures to be implemented, problems are minimized and quality is improved.
Reduction of the cost of trial manufacture
In the past, several problems occurred during the trial manufacture of molds until mass production, and mold corrections were frequently incorporated; however, by analyzing the problems with flow analysis software in advance and responding to them, many losses prior to mass production can be reduced.
Initiatives for vertical launch in collaboration with customers
By performing flow analysis during mold design, it is possible to predict problems in mass production and take countermeasures in advance. As a result, it is possible to raise the standard of product design. Therefore, we are working to shorten the LT for mass production in cooperation with customers. 
Technologies and equipment that meet various requirements
Automatic screw insertion device
Screws can be automatically inserted into the product in the process after injection molding.
We provide printing technology that meets customer needs.
3D laser printing
You can beautifully and accurately print with a wide range of uneven surfaces, 3D shapes, and curved surfaces.
Pad printing
You can express it in your favorite color and print delicate characters and patterns clearly and precisely.
Hot stamps
High-quality multicolor printing is also possible with multicolor transfer foil (multicolor foil) that can express metallic luster regardless of resin.
Insert molding
We support a method called insert molding in which parts such as metal to be embedded are loaded in the mold in advance and resin is filled. In addition, we have a vertical molding machine; therefore, we can handle various insert moldings.
Preventive control for molds
Mold cleaning
One of the reasons why plastic mold maintenance is required is that the gas generated during molding liquefies and adheres to the mold. The molds we arrange have air vents installed according to the resin and shape and have structures that achieve high gas release efficiency. However, as recent thermoplastic resins generate a large amount of gas during molding, disassembling and cleaning of molds is essential.
Therefore, we perform regular maintenance with an ultrasonic mold cleaning machine and take measures against defects caused by gas adhesion.
*Our cutting-edge molding machine can confirm the mold maintenance time resulting from gas adhesion.
Highly accurate temperature control inside molds and heating cylinders
As the temperature controller is of an indirect cooling type and uses water with a rustproof effect that does not contain harmful substances as the control medium, there is no reduction in the flow rate caused by corrosion or scale in the mold water passage and molding machine heating cylinder water passage, enabling accurate and stable temperature control as a result.
Examples of products
Remote control set for lighting
Outlet plate series
Fire alarms
Relay switch products
Material examples of parts
Molding materials PC
Molding materials PBT
Molding materials ABS
Molding materials PC/ABS
Molding materials PET
Molding materials PP
Molding materials PVC
Molding materials PA

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