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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:46

Iwasaki Industry Inc.

TRUE BASIC: Monozukuri craftsmanship that integrates people with their lifestyles

We are a manufacturer of plastic household goods, garden products, and synthetic resin products for automobiles. We manufacture and sell Lustroware brand products.

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Product introduction
Food containers
We hope to provide sealed containers and lunch boxes that make life more convenient while properly preserving food. Lustroware is easy to use and has many variations to meet customer needs.

[Smart flap]
 The container is convenient because the lid has a flap (valve); therefore, it can be put in a microwave oven with the lid on. When you heat food using this container, water vapor escapes appropriately, so the food is protected from being oversteamed or dried out and is kept delicious. The container can also be used for freezing food; therefore, it is an all-purpose container. Available in six sizes (250–940 ml) and sold in reasonable packs of two to five containers. These containers can be used with peace of mind even for storing foods that are strongly alcoholic, acidic, or alkaline.

 As these containers are highly transparent, you can see the contents clearly in a fridge or a freezer. The lid of the container is made of newly developed soft propylene with high thermal resistance and the body is made of newly developed heat-resistant saturated polyester with excellent shock resistance; therefore, this container is safe to use in a dishwasher.

[Smart locks]
 Lockable jumbo case with locks on four sides High sealing performance because the lid can be crimped with uniform force. The container is suitable for storing food such as rice and dried goods. As the container can prevent leakage of smells, it can even be used for storing pickles. Hinged lock possesses excellent strength A variety of sizes from 3L to 16L. The system sizing design allows for effective use of the containers under sinks or in storage.
Tabletop supplies
A table top decorating your daily dining table We value easy-to-use and simple, comfortable design. We also have a lot of ideas to make your life more comfortable, such as preparing clean water pots that allow you to drink delicious water.

[Vertical- and horizontal-type easy care pitcher]
The world’s first cold-water bottle with an integrated packaging and lid. When the bottle falls over or is put on its side, the liquid does not spill. The bottle can withstand hot water and is easy to wash and clean.
Kitchen and cooking supplies
For a life where you can enjoy standing in the kitchen and cooking in comfort. A kitchen cooking tool that is not only easy to use, but also for which attention has been paid to the design.
Housekeeping supplies
A variety of household goods with an interior feel and mainly a pail that can be used often here. We propose a new form of separate collection that supports a comfortable living environment, such as a separate pail of a refined form.

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