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Latest update: 25/09/2019 11:08:37

YKP Inc.

We pursue the future of new plastic through technology and creativity.

We can manufacture products in an integrated production system from mold design and manufacturing to injection molding, coating, deposition, and assembly.

(1) Our manufacturing processes are managed under an integrated production system from mold design and manufacturing to molding, coating, deposition, printing, and assembly.
(2) We have a track record in a wide range of fields, such as automobiles, household appliances, house-related products, OA equipment, and medical devices.
(3) Our plant has various kinds of equipment from small (50-ton) to medium in scale.
(4) Two-color formation with two soft and hard materials is available, with the option of PP/ABS Mica.


Sales Pitch

Main products/technology/services and target field 1
Mold design and manufacturing
We make suggestions for customer needs and design and manufacture high-precision molds, making sure they satisfy requirements for high cycles, low costs, and short lead times.
Our specialty is high-precision molds for elaborate design and two-color (two-material) formation.
We have introduced the latest machines (Yasuda Precision Tools machining center), and are confident about dimensional accuracy. 
Plastic injection molding (single-color)
Our plant has many electric molding machines. They are up-to-date and accommodate small- to medium-scale machining (50 to 650 tons).
We were able to stabilize quality, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve work efficiency by introducing automatic machines such as automatic gate cutters that work in combination with molding machines.
We also introduced a self-developed IoT system, which has helped us improve productivity and quality. 
Our company excels at transparent lens products such as PMMA and PC. We can easily handle the molding of advanced composite materials that contain PP, PA glass, Mica, and foaming agent.
Plastic injection molding (two-color (two-material) injection molding)
We possess many of the latest electric molding machines, from 13 to 280 tons, and installed automatic pallet changers for all of them.
Two-color (two-material) formation allowed us to eliminate bonding and insertion processes, which saved labor and costs.
Image inspection devices were introduced to some processes, which ensures that critical points are fault-free for all products.
The same moldings are available in different colors or materials. 
We introduced a self-developed IoT system like the one for our single-color injection molding process. This helped us improve productivity and quality. 
Main products/technology/services and target field 2
Surface treatment
We have a range of cleanrooms for high-reflection coating, ultra-high-reflection coating, and UV coating. Even elaborate designs are produced consistently by coating robots.
We possess automatic coating line equipment from coating to drying, in-line coating equipment within the assembly process, and electroforming mask coating equipment in the coating booth.
This allows us to apply decorative and functional coating on automobile interior and exterior parts (a wide variety of coatings are available including piano black). 
Aluminum vacuum deposition
We have installed a large vapor deposition machine for handling large objects such as rear combination headlamps for automobiles. It can process many items at once.
We were able to improve quality by smoothly connecting processes from UV coating (preprocessing) to annealing and deposition within a cleanroom. 
Hot plate, melt, and ultrasonic welding
We possess equipment for hot melt, ultrasonic welding, and hot plate welding to provide the welding and assembly that are necessary for the product design.
We apply leak inspection and lighting inspection devices to realize assurance for all products on the line, including rear combination headlamps and turn lens lamps. 
Main products/technology/services and target field 3
Assembly inspection
We manufacture the most suitable equipment for each assembly process.
Reduction of the load on workers through error-proofing and automated assembly has led to improvement in quality.
Providing feedback on product problems to the mold section on the spot means that products are shipped consistently without lowering quality.



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