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Latest update: 06/04/2023 12:36:24

Phytronics Co., Ltd.

We, a group engaging in manufacturing, create a rich future.

On a contract basis, we design semiconductor circuits and undertake the assembly, development, design, and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) production of substrates for industrial equipment such as electronic equipment, in a one-stop manner. In addition, we develop our own CPU modules. By utilizing the features of our own factories which have strengths in mechanical production or manual production, our master craftsmen with extensive experience manufacture high-quality products that meet clients' requirements.

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Description of services
Contract-based development
"As a concierge for electronics"
Please let us know the concept and rough specifications of the product. Then, we will give advice and realize the product by utilizing our extensive experience in development.
Undertaking the design of semiconductor circuits (digital circuits, FPGA [Field Programmable Gate Arrays], CPLD [Complex Programmable Logic Devices], ASIC [Application Specific Integrated Circuits], and analog circuits) 
Undertaking the design and development of electronic circuits and electronic equipment, and designing and developing the above on consignment
Designing systems involving both hardware and software
Undertaking software design
Designing servo-mechatronics
Producing prototypes, jigs, and tools
Designing printed-circuit boards
Technical consultants
Designing USB or Ethernet devices
EMS (production on consignment)
"Master craftsmen proud of each one of the products"
By utilizing the features of the Takamatsu Factory engaging in mechanical production and the Mitoyo Factory engaging in manual production, we manufacture high-quality products meeting clients' requirements. Our master craftsmen utilize their five senses to make our clients say, "We are satisfied!"
Phytronics Co., Ltd. has many experiences in the development, design, and manufacture of electronic circuits to be incorporated in industrial equipment. Our clients highly evaluate our production of a wide variety of products manufactured in small quantities. We aim at satisfying "requirements" related to the assembly of substrates to be incorporated in industrial equipment. 
We are sure to satisfy our clients thanks to appropriate prices, high quality, sophisticated responses, and intricate management (because parts are equal to money).
Our own product (embedded CPU module)
Module incorporating ARM9 + DSP SoC OMAP-L138
The OMAP-L138 Module is a small-sized, low-power-consumption CPU module incorporating OMAP-L138 manufactured by Texas Instruments Inc.
The Module can be used for a wide range of applications such as devices, which are incorporated for communication or control, and information terminals.  
Linux 2.6.37 is pre-installed.
Standard specifications support LAN, USB, serialization, and SATA (Serial ATA).
The module supports touch panel LCD I/F (interface).

<Supporting various OS platforms>
The module supports not only the pre-installed Linux 2.6.37, but also various types of OS such as Android, Windows Embedded, and μITRON.

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