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Latest update: 25/09/2019 11:08:34

Fukusa Corporation

We manufacture and sell clothing, interior goods, and sundries that match modern times, using traditional Japanese textiles.

We make use of traditional Japanese textiles to develop women's apparel, Muslim fashions, and ethical fashion products. We cast a new light on traditional Japanese kimonos and sashes as technologically excellent materials, creating a wide range of products. We can produce mass-produced products for Japanese ladies, and also made-to-order remake products based on the customer's needs regardless of formal dress or casual wear. Recently our company has focused on Muslim fashions and created an extensive lineup of collaboration products with a touch of Japanese and Muslim cultures. We can develop original products in the field of interiors and Japanese sundry merchandise, such as decorative cloth table centers, handbags, hats, and pouches.

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Sales Pitch

We can use traditional Japanese materials to produce contemporary apparel and sundry merchandise in an integrated manner from planning to production.
Our company procures kimonos, sashes, and other Japanese materials, and produces contemporary apparel products, interior goods, and sundries entirely in-house, from planning to design and manufacturing. With recycled material we look for any stains, dirt, and fraying and regenerate them into almost brand-new good-quality Japanese material through antibacterial, moth-proofing, and deodorant treatment. We efficiently create design patterns with Toray Creacompo CAD.
Our strength lies in our advanced sewing techniques, and all our original products are made in Japan. The made-to-order remake department has dedicated staff who can respond to customer needs with advanced techniques and long years of experience.

Our company has created as many as 3,000 products for over 20 years since its establishment, including design, apparel, pouches, and sundries. Our long experience has allowed us to develop good sensibilities and techniques in discerning what works best with Japanese materials.
We deliver good Japanese taste to Muslim people through fashion, by making the most of traditional kimonos as a material
A long skirt turns into a beautiful Muslim dress, with the kimono's flowers blooming beautifully on it.
Only a single dress can be made from one piece of a kimono…
Traditional weaving, dyes, gorgeous colors, and elaborate patterns…
We will spread this fashion around the world so that people can enjoy the charms of Japanese kimonos. 





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