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Highly-reliable “NOBEL” brand chucks for lathes

Of all the peripheral equipment used for machine tools, the lathe chuck is a product that requires particular safety and precision. We have been developing and manufacturing products since 1965, specializing in large chucks. Most of the large and vertical lathes used and manufactured in Japan adopt “NOBEL CHUCK,” receiving positive reviews in Japan and overseas. 

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Large chuck for NOBEL brand lathes
This is a device for accurately fixing large round parts. Large round parts include a variety ranging from those which are sufficiently light to be held in your hand to those which weigh hundreds of tons, for example railway wheels, aircraft engine parts, and wind power generator bearings. NOBEL chuck is an apparatus for fixing large parts accurately and strongly to machine these parts with machine tools. Generally, large parts are few in number while there are a large variety of items. We design the best suited apparatus for those parts by responding to a variety of demands for processing.
Handling high-speed machining through high rigidity, high machining resistance, and high clamping force
Can be mounted on pallet changers and horizontal machining centers
Owing to the compact size, two or three units can be arranged side-by-side
The high precision is comparable with the NC index table
No tool exchanging required for indexing
Thin chuck series
This chuck has been developed to be used by mounting it on the table of a try-square or machining center, or the table of a five-axis machine. Thinner and lighter than standard chucks.
There is the independent type TI series and the scroll type TM series. The TM series has 3-claw, 4-claw and 6-claw specifications; therefore you can select a chuck according to the shape of the workpiece.
Machining center and five-axis processing machine peripheral equipment
We contribute to improved productivity of our customers with revolutionary ideas, such as the mechanical indexing table “Touchdex” for supporting full automation, the machining chucks “Y-, TV-series” and the “GENIUS” vice developed exclusively for five-axis machines.
Pallet changer/Tool changer
A device that conveys parts to be machined in machine tools and tools to be machined.
With a structure that makes full use of various drive devices such as servo motors,
this is useful for increasing the added value of machine tools.
We have achieved high performance, high reliability and low price from a two-sided high-speed pallet changer for the tapping center with a table size of 350 x 700 through to an APC for a five-sided machine with a pallet size of 2000 x 4000 and a multi-sided round pallet table.

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