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We make use of a quick die change system to flexibly satisfy demands for high-mix low-volume production. We design and fabricate various types of dies, and make use of single-action, progressive, transfer, and robotized press machines to stamp out parts.   

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We design and fabricate various dies, and make use of single-action, progressive, transfer, and robotized press lines to stamp out parts.   
We make use of our quick die change system (QDCS) to flexibly respond to requests for high-mix low-volume production.  
■ Various types of stamping: Single-action, progressive, transfer and robotized press lines                                             - Various types of stamping are possible by making use of our single-action, progressive (300 ton max.), transfer (200 ton max.) and robotized press lines.
- Our QDCS (Quick Die Change System) satisfies customers' needs for high-mix low-volume production.
- We provide stamping to cope with all types of materials, sheet thicknesses, and shapes.

We produce parts with different shapes such as round bars, coils, pipes, and so on. We support widths up to 1,200 mm and thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 9 mm using various materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, and brass.
■ Assembly and packaging 
- We provide comprehensive control of assembly, secondary processing, packaging, and shipping jobs.
- Our company has complete quality control.

■ Inventory
- Our extensive inventory shortens delivery times. We manage parts by storing them in automatic high-rise part warehouses to cope with picking for high-mix small-volume production. The capacities are 588 pallets and 210 pallets, respectively. 
We maintain sufficient quantities of products in our product warehouses to satisfy seasonal demands and offer short delivery times. We offer a service to control customer inventory after shipping products. Contact us if you have any trouble with your inventory control.
Radical cost reduction proposals 
Subcontracting factories 
We offer a wide range of processes such as welding, grinding, sheet metal processing, and various kinds of surface treatment through cooperation with our subcontractor companies.

- Stamping
Stamping out automatic machine parts, containers, metal sheets, and other articles including bending, turret punching and pipe forming.
- Welding
Electric welding, gas welding, spot welding, TIG arc welding, brazing, semi-automatic welding, robotic welding, etc.
- Machining 
MC, NC, lathe, automatic lathe, milling, EDM, thread cutting, etc.
- Other types of machining
Cold/hot forging, die casting, lost wax and other casting, etc.
- Resin processing
Plastic molding, rubber molding, and other types of resin molding, coating, etc.
- Die/mold fabrication
Stamping dies, progressive dies, plastic molding dies, various types of prototype dies, etc.
- Coating
Baking coating, electrodeposition coating, powder coating, silicon finishing, enameled finishing, etc.
- Plating
Electrogalvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, chrome, nickeling, special metal plating, and other types of surface treatments
- Other
Attaching/bagging screws, assembling small-sized parts, packing/wrapping, cleaning, electropolishing, etc.                                     

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