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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:03

Mobile Japan Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Single-seated electric three-wheeler "SAKICHI" and three-seated electric three-wheeler "DATENAYATSU"
Our company was established to popularize electric three-wheelers which do not require vehicle inspections, helmets, as well as gasoline (environmentally friendly), which are friendly to elderly people, and which reduce costs.
Two years ago, we started selling the single-seated model "SAKICHI," the two-seated model "Rabbit-3," and the three-seated model "DATENAYATSU" all of which have been well-received by the public since then. Furthermore, we developed and started marketing the electric snowplow "KUMAGORO" for winter use. Our products have been gaining popularity since their prices are lower than those of rival products and have high performance. You can drive our product with a driver's license after it is charged through a 100 V home outlet. We are now developing an electric three-wheeler that will revolutionize the home delivery industry in the future. Generally, "GYRO" made by HONDA is widely used for delivering pizza, sushi, milk, lactic acid bacteria beverages, liquor, etc. However, GYRO is no longer produced, and it can carry up to 30 kg of baggage since it is a motorbike. Recently, we released a three-seated multi-purpose electric three-wheeler. It can carry up to 150 kg of baggage and can run up to 100 km per charge. This means that the carrying capacity of the three-wheeler is five times as large as that of GYRO. Furthermore, it does not consume gasoline and drastically saves money because the cost of the electricity required to run 100 km is only \200.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company was founded three years ago, as a developer and manufacturer of compact electric vehicles and snowblowers. We started this business wishing to promote electric three-wheeled vehicles throughout Japan. These vehicles are economical, good for the elderly and the environment, and can be used without car inspections, helmets or gasoline, at a low cost. Our Sakichi one-passenger vehicle, Rabit-3 two-passenger vehicle, and Datena Yatsu three-passenger vehicle have been all popular among users since they were put on the market two years ago. We also develop and sell Kumagoro home-use snowblowers for the winter season. Our products are valued because of their low prices and high performance. They can be recharged with 100V outlets, and can be operated with a regular driver’s license. 

[Business description]
Our company is the only auto maker other than major automobile manufacturers that manufactures compact electric vehicles on a mass-production basis to realize a new mobility society. Our electric three-wheeled vehicle is the only product of its type that carries three passengers. This compact electric vehicle does not require Japan’s otherwise-mandatory automobile inspection, and can be operated with regular driver’s license, without wearing a helmet. It can also be recharged with domestic 100V power supplies. Utility expenses for this vehicle are quite low, at around 1 to 2 yen per kilometer. The price was successfully lowered by planning and developing in Japan with manufacturing overseas. Our snowblower is another economical, low-priced product. It runs for up to two hours continuously, and can be maintained at low cost. 

Transportation machinery manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Our compact electric trikes are necessary for the future mobility society as they can be used without car inspections, helmets, gasoline, or loud noises. Our Sakichi compact trike can be used by senior citizens to reduce car accidents, which have been on the increase in recent years. Motorcycles can carry only up to 30 kg, but our electric trikes are much more economical than mini motor vehicles if you are delivering heavy liquids such as liquor, milk, or drinking water. We want to distribute these environmentally friendly, ultra-compact electric vehicles throughout Japan. Please work with us in expanding the market, and earning more recognition for this product. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our mini vehicles and trikes have not gained recognition, and are almost unknown to the general public. They are quite safe, environmentally friendly, and economical. We want to promote their use by focusing on advertisements, exhibitions, and other activities to enhance recognition. We are now reinforcing sales of commercial-use three-passenger types and truck types. We hope to cultivate markets such as home centers, electronics retail stores, used motorbike and automobile dealers, housing manufacturers, and agricultural machinery manufacturers and distributors. We look forward to inquiries from such industries. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Kahoku Shimpo, mention of Sakichi (October 3, 2015); Sankei Shimbun, “Michinoku Kaisha Homon” (October 16, 2015).

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