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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:35

Nippon Vinylon Co., Ltd.

Proposal capability that produces reliable quality and confidence

We are a manufacturer of plastic products for various industries, including automotive plastic products. We mainly assemble injection-molded and hollow- (blown) molded products using heat welding technology.

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Automotive plastic parts
Among each of the automotive system products, these products are assembled using thermal welding technology mainly for injection-molded products and blow-molded products.

We attempt to handle sophisticated and high-quality products including wind washer system products and products requiring function or appearance. 

Examples: washer tanks, washer nozzles, air intake ducts, instrument panel parts, seatbelts, and resin rear wipers
Other plastic products
Products assembled by utilizing heat welding technology, mainly for injection-molded products and hollow (blow) molded products in various automobile system products
Precision parts including sensor parts

Many of the plastic products we handle are functional parts composed of multiple parts.
We contribute to various fields and applications. 

Manufacturing examples: pulse pumps, various sensors, engine cover for small construction machines, and bottles
Original product
1. Vibration diffusion nozzle with spray angle adjustment function
 Patented (Japan/overseas)
 A diffusion type nozzle that sprays cleaning liquid over a wide range.
 The self-oscillating tip is stored in the nozzle body; therefore, the cleaning liquid is jetted while swinging left and right.
 Therefore, the sprayed cleaning liquid has a large particle size and is less susceptible to wind pressure when traveling at high speeds.
 The injection direction (angle) can be changed vertically or horizontally.

2. No leakage even when a cap is laid on its side
 The newly developed cap does not leak liquid even if the container is tilted or turned upside down, and the vent structure functions when returning the cap to its original posture.
 This is a new type of cap.
 An eco-friendly cap that does not leak.
 This cap is used in the fuel tank of small construction machinery.

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