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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:33

S-TEC Co., Ltd.

We, as a precision manufacturer of stainless steel, titanium, and difficult-to-machine materials, have delivered our products in the field of aerospace industry

STEC offers precision processing of stainless steel, titanium, and difficult-to-machine materials. Our products are to be delivered to the aerospace industry, wherein precision is required, and have an unmistakable reliable quality created by each member of our staff learned the importance of Monozukuri craftsmanship. High technology backed by reliable quality. Our thorough management and education system develops each employee to be an excellent engineer.  STEC always aims for further technological improvement and more reliable quality as we leverage the experience and expertise accumulated over 30 years and respond flexibly to our customers’ changing needs.

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Manufacture of aerospace/medical equipment parts and hydraulic joints
Aerospace parts
<< We deal with the processing of a variety of aerospace parts, for which quality control is very strict. >>
Response to processing difficult-to-machine materials for the purpose of structural reinforcement and weight reduction
Structural reinforcement and weight reduction in particular have improved in the airline industry; therefore, difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and inconel alloys are used. Moreover, many products have a complicated shape and expensive manufacturing technology is required in this field.
Our company builds proprietary processing technology by creating and testing tools with our molds while cooperating with tool manufacturers, for use when processing difficult-to-machine materials and hard-to-work materials. Our company is trying to improve the level of technology day-by-day by considering not only high accuracy and high quality but also the shortening of processing technology and cost reduction through the fusion of cutting-edge facilities and craftsmanship.
Our company is best at using difficult-to-machine and hard-to-work materials, and therefore, actively takes on the challenge of products that are difficult for other companies to handle.
Manufacturing of aerospace instrument parts based on management of JIS Q 9100
Our company obtained JIS Q 9100 (aerospace and defense quality management standard) and therefore handles many aircraft parts.
As the airline industry uses a variety of difficult-to- machine materials such as titanium and inconel, including many products with a special shape and high degree of difficulty, advanced processing technology is required.
The field of aerospace instruments needs thorough management other than processing technology such as a complete quality management system and quality assurance system.
With our track record of approximately 25 years in the aircraft field, our company is highly regarded for our quality assurance system as well as our product quality and accuracy of dimensions.
Using our technologies such as these, our company recently released the swivel joint which was designed and developed in-house for aircraft.
The materials are AMS, while nuts and hydraulic oil are manufactured under specifications in compliance with MIL standards.
Medical equipment parts
<<We are involved with many titanium material products in the field of medical equipment. >>
Handling of trial manufacturing including development
We have been involved in many products with high technical requirements and products requiring strict quality control such as parts for aerospace instruments and hydraulic joints.
We have been trialing the manufacture of a variety of products in the medical device field based on the manufacturing and production management technologies accumulated over the years.
Above all, we are striving to manufacture products including development as well as trying to build unprecedented products and processing technology not only in-house but also through industry–academia collaboration with technical colleges and universities.
Manufacture of medical device parts centered around titanium implants
We apply our processing technology and quality control cultivated in the aerospace industry to products in the medical device field to promote highly reliable manufacturing.
In particular, we are working with numerous implants using titanium alloy, which has excellent strength and durability, and is harmless to the human body.
In the medical device field, there are many hard-to-work products, and we have contributed to the medical field by introducing and applying technologies we have cultivated until now thorough quality control.
Hydraulic joints
<<We have conducted integrated production for more than 20 years, covering everything from hydraulic joint design to structural analysis, manufacturing, and assembly. >>
We, as a manufacturer, perform integrated production, covering everything from the design and manufacture of swivel joints for aircraft to the design, manufacture, and assembly of hydraulic joints. We have also introduced structural analysis to manufacture hydraulic joints that are highly reliable in terms of quality and durability.
Quality assurance system
<<Our company provides highly reliable products by conducting rigorous management based on JIS Q 9100 (aerospace and defense quality management standard). >>
Nadcap (Nondestructive Testing) certification
Our company acquired Nadcap certification (Nondestructive Testing) in December 2017.
Nadcap certification is a unique international special process and quality certification system certified by PRI (Performance Review Institute), a U.S.-based NPO.
Aircraft and engine makers around the world demand that suppliers which carry out special processes acquire Nadcap certification. To acquire this certification, the company requires very high quality control and maintenance capability.
The parts our company manufactures are important; therefore, we strive to deliver a higher level of satisfaction for our customers by conducting accurate quality control based on Nadcap certification.
Certification of JIS Q 9100
Our company obtained JIS Q 910 (management standard of aerospace and defense quality fields), which is a higher level standard of ISO9001 to handle many airplane parts.
Owing to us dealing with many products for the airline industry, we have an extremely high level of awareness of quality control, conducting thorough production management and quality control, including clarification of the responsibilities of each employee and saving the processing history.
As product failure is not acceptable, we strive to prevent failure by evaluating and analyzing issues beforehand and work toward continuous improvement of system.
Product information
<< We are handling products in various fields such as stainless steel, titanium, difficult-to-machine materials, aerospace instrument parts manufacturing, semiconductor joint manufacturing, hydraulic joint manufacturing, and medical equipment parts manufacturing. >>
Materials for our specialty processing
Stainless steel SUS (304/316/321/347 etc.), 17-4PH (SUS630), Titanium Ti-6Al-4V, inconel 625/718/825, CFRP, SiC, and general steel
Examples of products
Swivel joints for aircraft
AMS materials, screws, and hydraulic oils conform to the MIL standard, and their design, development, and manufacturing for aircraft are handled in-house.
Medical device lug plate (Ti-6Al-4V)
Medical device lug screw (Ti-6Al-4V)
Medical device saw for thighbones (Ti-6Al-4V)
Medical device swivel joint (POM)
Aircraft part hot bend (Ti-6Al-4V)
Aircraft part manifold (SUS304)
Aircraft part impeller (Ti-6Al-4V)
Aircraft part oil field (SUS321)
Hydraulic equipment part groove rotor (Inconel)
Industrial part special joint (SUS304)
Numerous others

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