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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:07

Kiyora Kikuchi Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

"KIYORABI (Nano Hydrogen Rich Water)," "SPARKLING-ICE," and "Suwapop"
"KIYORABI (Nano Hydrogen Rich Water)" is hydrogen water which is made of one of the selected one hundred exquisite waters of Japan and in which rich amount of hydrogen is dissolved. We sell this product mainly via mail order. We also sell it through retail stores all over Japan. 
As a pioneer in producing hydrogen water, we have improved technology for producing hydrogen water for a long period of time. We are recognized as the top brand of hydrogen water.
1. A pressurization and dissolution method keeps a high amount of hydrogen dissolved in the product from the time of hydrogen dissolution to the expiration date.
2. Uniquely developed special four-layered aluminum pouches do not deteriorate the flavor of the hydrogen water. 
3. We use natural water in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Pref., which is one of the selected one hundred exquisite waters of Japan.
We are open to discussing the number of lots and whether we can produce OEM products. Please feel free to contact us.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company was also early to start manufacturing hydrogen water in Japan and we have been improving our manufacturing technology. Our products also maintain high levels in hydrogen concentration, hydrogen concentration maintenance, and water quality management. We have two kinds of original products: 300 and 500 ml. You can also consult us also about the container design and capacity for OEM production. We install sensors and measuring instruments everywhere in the manufacturing process and conduct visual checks several times. We also conduct bacterial and radioactivity inspections for thorough quality management. Carbonated ice is a totally new form of ice that we developed earlier than any other entity in the world. The ice can be applied to a countless number of uses by arrangement.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells hydrogen water and hydrogenated soft drinks (jelly drinks, sports drinks, and so on). We also handle these products on an OEM basis. Our products are popular among people of all ages who are greatly interested in health and beauty. We are a pioneer hydrogen water manufacturer and our products are highly evaluated for their quality. We also manufacture carbonated ice born from our gas-liquid mixing technology for hydrogen water. This completely new tingling, foaming ice is manufactured by freezing water in which carbonic acid is trapped. We provide a wide range of carbonated ice in several flavors or flavorless products to theme parks, cafes, and bars throughout Japan.

Soft drink manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company is expanding its hydrogen water business mainly by mail-order sales. We also continue to sell products at several Seijo Ishii, Natural Lawson, and Ion Body stores. Carbonated ice is widely used at baseball parks, theme parks, roadside rest areas, and bars and cafes in famous hotels. Demand has been continuously growing since the start of sales. Our products featuring regional flavors are also popular.

[Representative's message]
The hydrogen water market in now saturated in Japan. Our company has improved its hydrogen water manufacturing technology and quality with competition in Japan. It is not easy for other countries to catch up with technology and quality. People in many countries are greatly interested in health and beauty. We want to let them know that our lives are enriched by a commitment to water, which is necessary for people to live. We developed carbonated ice earlier than any other entity in the world. This is a totally new form of ice that surprises and pleases the people who eat it. This product is known only to a few people, so we want to make it known to more countries and people through J-GoodTech.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will particularly focus on cultivating overseas markets. We will hold events in Taiwan and Hong Kong with the cooperation of local companies to improve product awareness and acquire more customers. We have an event and cross-border EC site at a Japanese department store in Singapore. This site is also visited by people from countries around Singapore, so we started to study expanding our sales channels from Singapore, but we have not exported carbonated ice yet. We are now studying export destination countries mainly in tropical areas.

[Awards and media coverage]
BS-TBS, "Cool Japan! Japan's Skills to Change the Future of Foods" (July 30, 2016); Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting, "Kuma Power" (June 12, 2017); Kumamoto Kenmin TV, "TeleVitamin" (July 12, 2017); TV Asahi, "Matsuko & Ariyoshi Karisome Tengoku" (August 9, 2017). Also many other appearances in magazines.

ISO 22000:2005
Business Plan Utilizing Local Industrial Resources 2016
Management Innovation Plan 2017 (Kumamoto Prefecture)

[Intellectual property]
We possess 11 registered trademarks and 3 patents pending for carbonated ice.