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Latest update: 24/02/2018 02:07:03

T Kate International Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company excels at processing Neoprene. This is a special material that has functional advantages such as elasticity, water repellency, cushioning properties, buoyancy, and heat-retaining effects. We use dedicated sewing machines and bonding agents for processing. Our products also are attracting attention from other industries for their uniqueness, good texture, and high-level sewing power. Our sublimation technology enables any color patterns to be customized as required. We accept even small-volume orders for group and company name printing. We have been pursuing realistic color patterns and have achieved new fish impression technology. All our products are the result of artisanal manufacturing so quality can be made consistent, and high-quality trial products can be delivered at short turnarounds.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and commercializes all kinds of wetsuits made of Neoprene. Our artisans have a 40-year history of wetsuit manufacturing and perform all processes manually, from measurement and pattern design to draping, sewing, and quality management. We can print any patterns or photos of preferred colors on conventional Neoprene using our unique thermal transfer technology called Shoka (sublimation). We also manufacture and sell products in all kinds of categories. We are expanding our recycling business to reduce industrial waste. We recycle a large volume of materials that remain after cutting in the manufacturing processes.

Wetsuit manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Our annual sales used to be over 30 million yen, but the East Japan Great Earthquake in March 2011 drastically reduced our sales. We had to prepare ourselves for discontinuing the business, but then surfing was selected to be one of the additional events for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. This is expected to increase the demand for wetsuits, so we will actively make use of J-GoodTech to satisfy requests from major companies and overseas companies. We will produce a pioneer Japanese brand through product planning, development, and manufacturing.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will strengthen our market cultivation particularly overseas and throughout Japan. We will give priority to building a Web system for this purpose and support multiple languages for easier understanding. Domestic Japanese Neoprene is expensive because it has multiple functions and high quality. The manufacturing processes cannot be automated, so our products require manual work. This forces us to set the selling prices high. We will build up a system for receiving high-volume orders and purchasing cloth in large quantities to lower purchase prices. We will simplify products without losing minimum functions and improve work efficiency to handle mass sales.

[Awards and media coverage]
Kanagawa Business Audition 2017, Association of Management Consultants in Japan (February 2017); Industrial Navi Grand Award, Encouragement Prize (July 2017).

Kanagawa Shimbun (March 11, 2016); Nippon TV, "Burari Tochugesha no Tabi" (September 24, 2016); NHK, "Hirumae Hotto" (December 28, 2016); Asahi Shimbun (January 18, 2017); Nippon TV, "News Every" (January 31, 2017).

The Research Institute of Marine Engineering and the Japan Ship-Machinery Quality Control Association started a buoyancy experiment and obtained good results on December 18, 2014, indicating initial buoyancy of 2.5 kg.

[Intellectual property]
Safety Cover Vest (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3197522) (April 22, 2015).