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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:03

Extra Net Systems Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Production equipment deterioration diagnosis service, and commissioning of the development of methods for speeding up defective product detection
"Proactive Maintenance (cause elimination type)", for which vibration is used, can be achieved in a simple manner. 
We propose solutions for streamlining functions when judging whether processing and assembly work are satisfactory on the production line. 
Business formats:
1) Condition monitoring and evaluation service
2) Commissioning of the development of methods for streamlining inspection functions
3) Licensing patents and know-how
■Effects of introduction: a) Reducing excessive maintenance, b) extending bearing life, c) reducing the percentage of rejects, and d) presuming deterioration factors

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our identification technology is called a "correlation extraction method" and it is based on the breakdown of relationships. This method has higher abnormality detection sensitivity than ever before, and it also enables factor analysis. We applied this method to rotary machine deterioration analysis to realize simple cause-removal proactive maintenance using vibration. We also propose solutions to enhance the function of evaluating whether processing and assembly on production lines is good or not. Our company has three businesses: status monitoring and evaluation services, consignment development for examination function enhancement, and patent and know-how licensing. You can expect four effects by implementing our products: reduction of excess maintenance, bearing life extension, defect ratio reduction, and deterioration factor estimation.

[Business description]
Our company makes use of unique signal processing technology and diagnostic know-how to provide various examination and diagnostic solutions. We provide rotary machine deterioration diagnosis services and conduct consignment development concerning enhancing defect detection functions on production lines. This includes IoT applications.

Technical service industry

[Representative's message]
Our correlation extraction method can effectively extract potential characteristics if it is applied to various kinds of waveform data and system parameters. We will contribute to safe operation and productivity improvement by applying this method to a wide range of purposes in the equipment industry and machining and assembly industry. Our method is a technique that applies statistics, so it is it is technically complicated to interpret a diagnostic result. This is why its implementation has been gradual, which is also because the implementation effect widely varies according to the object type. We will accelerate sales through J-GoodTech by promoting the implementation of various solutions unique to our company.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are now promoting implementation by customers of information system trading firm R. We are also working with IoT-related company D to solve issues for their important customers. We will exploit new demand for consignment development concerning the enhancement of defect detection on production lines, and then expand the results to the IoT field. We are also accelerating negotiations for licensing to acceleration sensor manufacturer N and measuring instrument manufacturer A to generate royalty income.

[Awards and media coverage]
Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, TPM Excellent Product Award 2014, Development Prize; Robot Revolution Initiative, IoT Tool for Medium-Sized and Minor Manufacturers, at the first contest.

[Intellectual property]
Japanese Patent Registration Nos. 3382240, 5753301, and 6154523.