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General manufacturer of industrial heaters

We do business with various manufacturers in various industries. We listen to our clients' requirements when it comes to heating and propose, produce, and sell the heaters most suited for them.

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Various electric heaters
Liquid heating heaters
The user directly puts the heater into a liquid such as water and oil to heat the liquid. 
Pure water heaters, water heaters, heaters for freezing prevention, steam generators, and heaters for heating cleaning liquids, heat-transfer oils, lubricants, heavy oils (petroleum), as well as acid or alkaline solutions
Air heaters
Our air heaters heat air (gas) with forced or natural circulation and are used for heating, drying, dehumidification, and space heating. Our air heaters include infrared heaters.
Heating or drying (shell type heaters, duct heaters, and hot wind generators), convective heating (safe stoves), drying or eliminating moisture from washed objects such as semiconductors (far-infrared heaters), dehumidification (control panel heaters), and electric stoves    
Metal heating heaters
A metal heating heater heats a metal mold or metal container, indirectly heating the object to be heated. 
For heating pipes, metal molds, hot presses, and plastic molds, indirectly heating tanks and heating baths, heating hoppers and powder conveyance devices (heating, dehumidification, and keeping powder warm), and dissolution (low-temperature metal and solder)

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