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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:08

Technomap Nagano Co., Ltd.

We perform aerial photogrammetry, point group processing UAV surveys, ground surveys, and tasks using CAD. 

Maps we produce include: Basic maps for urban planning/basic maps for erosion control/river management maps/3D maps/topographical maps for other purposes/field studies/preparation of numerical graphs/numerical editing/visual inspection/logical inspection/preparation for certification/preparation of DM data/preparation of orthochromatic images/preparation of maps with marginal information/preparation of plot files.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
We perform UAV surveys that are compatible with i-Construction. We prepare drawings and perform construction calculation by utilizing photographs captured by UAV (drone) and offer 3D shape reconstruction using the SfM software. We can also perform surveys of archeological sites and measurement of cultural treasures.  In addition to requests for drawing preparation based on UAV measurement, we can accommodate requests for any individual parts of this process, such as providing UAV measurement only or only preparing topographical maps. We use digitization devices in our aerial photogrammetry to prepare maps and topographical maps from aerial photographs. The following is the order of our procedure: Field study - Mapping - Editing - Print inspection - Supplementary measurement - Supplementary measurement editing - Logical inspection - Accuracy control chart - DM data generation.
Overview of main products and technologies
We use scanners and digital cameras installed on the UAV for the measurements required for UAV surveys. We prepare 3D models from 3D point group and photographs and prepare drawings and calculate soil volume.  Furthermore, we can perform data analysis only.  Our ground surveys include control point surveys and land surveys. Using the handheld type laser scanner, we can easily measure small topography. Moreover, we can perform laser measurement even at locations where it is difficult for UAVs to fly, such as urban areas, forests, or inside buildings.  We use 3D point groups, orthochromatic images, and relief maps obtained from aerial photographs and scanner measurements to prepare topographical maps. We edit the map data based on public survey work standards. If you already have UAV measurements, images, or analysis data, we can perform mapmaking only.
Message from the representative (efforts to develop future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
Since our establishment 40 years ago, aerial photogrammetry has been our main business. We prepare every type of data, such as plans for national highways/river ledgers/basic maps for urban planning/basic maps for sand control. Even in topographical mapmaking from laser surveys that we have been engaged in recent years, we utilize our business experience in aerial photogrammetry to ensure precise control with strict adherence to the drawing when preparing the topographical map.  "Correctly, quickly, and beautifully" these are the three fundamental principles of mapmaking, and it is the main essence of topographical mapmaking. Strict adherence to deadlines, efficient production, maintenance of precision and quality, and beautiful expressivity are our fundamental policies in supporting the production of your important achievements and products. 

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