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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:40

Kobayashi Consultant Co., Ltd.

Based on new technology and trust, we create, connect, and safeguard the future

Regarding 3D data and point cloud data creation using vehicle-mounted (LS) and ground-based laser scanners (LS), aerial photography and photogrammetry (using drones), outer wall diagnosis (using KUMONOS), and CIM needs, please consult Kobayashi Consultant.

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Laser scanner (LS)
Objects such as topographies and structures can be acquired as high-accuracy 3D point data in a short period of time using lasers. Moreover, image data using cameras are acquired at the same time to provide color information to point data.
Data such as 3D models, contour maps, and longitudinal and cross sections can be created as required from high-accuracy and high-density 3D point data. We examine approaches of meeting the customers’ needs from among multiple measuring devices and propose accordingly.
Mobile Mapping System (MMS)
Vehicle 3D data measurement can be used to quickly collect wide-area, high-density 3D data with the installation of multiple scanners and 360° omnidirectional cameras.
The 3D mobile survey system, which mainly collects high-density point cloud data, and the 3D mobile mapping system, which mainly collects 3D images, are used to obtain 3D data suitable for the purpose.
Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV))
We support not only aerial photography by drone (UAV) but also groundbreaking survey/work-form measurement by i-Con.
Outer wall diagnosis using KUMONOS (crack measurement system)
KUMONOS is equipment for conducting safe and accurate measurement of the width and shape of cracks in concrete structures and walls.

A width of 0.4 mm that is 100 m away can be measured, and 2D/3D drawings can then be created on a PC using the measured data. Measurement is possible from a remote place; therefore, scaffolds or an aerial work platform are not necessary, enabling more speedy measurement.
We are engaged in groundbreaking surveys, installation of tensions, management of TS work forms, creation of completed drawings, creation of road facility ledgers, marking out, and creation of 3D models.
(CIM:Construction Information Management)

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