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Creating new traditions while connecting old traditions to the future

We are a total coordinator that goes beyond the boundaries of Japanese furniture and tableware (lacquerware, pottery, ironware, and glassware). We provide products handmade by craftsmen. We also offer bespoke lacquerware made as per our customers’ requirements.

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Zei-series lacquered metal tableware
Motoyama-Shikkiten Co., Ltd. is making urushi coatings on metals such as stainless steel. We offer a wide range of products, from dishes used in banquets to cutlery.
Repair and restoration of lacquerware
Even if the urushi fades subsequent to many years of use, it can be repeatedly reused with maintenance.
This is a human- and environmentally friendly product that can be used for many generations to come.
Our company can perform various kinds of repairs and restorations from furniture and furnishings such as seating tables, display cabinets, and folk chests to tableware such as bowls, plates, and boxes. In addition, we can change the design or add paintings on request. We also accept on-site repairs.

Repairs and restorations include various processes such as cleaning and painting. Craftsmen carefully and sequentially perform fine works such as mother-of-pearl works and lacquers.

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