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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:18

K・E Corporation Co., Ltd.

Artisan's expertise that is supported by a century-long history since the company's foundation

We are a factory specializing in welded products centering on pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Indispensable to high-quality pressure vessels is high welding expertise for joints. Together with improving artisan's expertise, we have been actively introducing welding robots and automated machinery, resulting in a welding automation of 87 percent, thereby supplying stable welding quality.

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With our advanced welding expertise, we supply high-quality pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
A one-stop service in all processes from design to manufacturing to inspection
We engage in integrated production in-house for all processes ranging from design to material procurement, various machining operations, welding, and inspection.

Our complete production equipment, reliable expertise, and substantiated inspection enable our one-stop service. With our accumulated design and welding technology, we can prepare drawings and strength calculations according to specific regulations, propose materials and manufacturing processes in response to requirements raised, and identify legal issues and other matters regarding your existing pressure vessels, and propose solutions.
Reliable welding quality
We can manufacture pressure vessels that are 150 to 800 mm in diameter and 300 to 3,000 mm long.

Centering on iron and stainless steel, our personnel have numerous welding licenses according to specific laws, such as the Japanese Industrial Standards, including licenses for boiler welders and refrigeration equipment welders. We can also prepare security regulations for refrigeration, high-pressure boilers, and other equipment, along with drawings and strength calculations according to specific laws.

We can also address the needs for advanced pressure vessels and similar equipment that require nondestructive inspection (such as radiographic testing) for penetration-bead welding. We perform nondestructive testing in-house, thereby shortening lead time.
Our products are based on advanced technology.
[Highly fresh refrigeration system (FCR system)]

The system maintains temperature and humidity to be constant and keeps vegetables, fruits, and other produce fresh, thereby alleviating losses from waste and adjusting shipping.

Elongating maximum storage periods makes it easy to level shipping operations despite changes in the yield and harvest timings of fresh produce. This helps people working for farming corporations or on farms who find it hard to take vacations change the way they work.

[Driers with fermentation function, KRS Series]

These driers with fermentation functions can recycle a wide variety of animal/plant-based waste into fertilizer or feed.

Steam produced in the process is sent to a cooling tower, where it is released into the air, preventing treatment solution (drainage) from being generated. Moreover, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other components, which are sources of malodor, are decomposed on a molecular level by microorganisms, thereby greatly reducing malodor.

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