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Integrated production of special collet chucks from material procurement to polishing finishing

It is thanks to integrated production that can we share detailed information and select even better methods for machining and processing. Our inspection room includes a 3D meter, a shape meter, a projection meter, and other equipment. We conduct Monozukuri craftsmanship to an extreme accuracy of 1/1,000 mm.

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Overview of our business areas, products, and technologies
Business areas and features
Our company applies Monozukuri craftsmanship for integrated on-site production from a single attached drawing to order reception, lathe machining, milling, and polishing finishing. This is done with our three technologies: machining and processing technology, measurement technology, and production control technology. We are capable of product machining that requires high precision in dimensional tolerance, geometrical tolerance, and conformity to actual parts. We manufacture our products in environments where all the rooms are lit with LEDs and air-conditioned, and constantly pursue Monozukuri craftsmanship worthy of user confidence.
Overview of main products and technologies
We excel at manufacturing collet chucks, which are indispensable for high-mix low-volume manufacturing of machine tools (single products), and particularly in high-precision machining. Special collet chucks that grasp the workpiece are not like collet chucks that grasp drills and other tools. They are custom-made products to be manufactured according to the workpiece shape, diameter, overall length, or other parameters. Our company offers integrated production of such special collet chucks from material procurement to polishing finishing. We make use of the experience we have cultivated for many years and our track record to closely examine finish precision, shape, method for use, and other details for each product. We combine original machining methods, which makes it possible to manufacture high-quality, high-precision collet chucks that undergo little strain and deflection when gasping a workpiece.
Toward matching
With the changes in the world’s situation Japanese Monozukuri craftsmanship has been changing from craftsmanship to mass-production by automatic machinery. However, high-mix low-volume production (single products) is hard to automate and requires craftsmanship.

Our corporate philosophy is to have a spirit that pursues top-notch Monozukuri craftsmanship. We have been working to pass down vanishing techniques of craftsmanship to younger generations, and to enhance our expertise even further with the collaboration of all employees as a single unit. We also work hard every day to aim for high-precision, high-quality Monozukuri craftsmanship that is trusted by users.

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