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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:28

Sanwadenki Co.,Ltd

We manufacture and repair motor coils for rolling stock and industrial use

We manufacture and repair motors for railroads, Shinkansen bullet trains, and other uses. We also manufacture motor coils for industrial use, railroads, elevators, and so on. We excel at manufacturing special motor coils. We also make use of the experience we have been cultivating in coil manufacturing to produce our own independently developed labor-saving machinery for manufacturing coils. Our labor-saving machinery includes coil winders, coil tapers, and molders, and comes equipped with equipment that satisfies specified coil dimensions and manufacturing processes. 

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Business areas
Motor coil repairs
We repair various motor coils for Shinkansen bullet trains and conventional trains, elevators, DC motors, and various other applications.

We excel at repairing motor coils that are considerably larger than small motors.

Please consult us if you need to have your product's motor coil repaired or overhauled.
Motor coil manufacturing and sales
We produce motor coils that satisfy your requirements, from prototyping to manufacturing motor coil products.

We negotiate the dimensions, uses, and other details of your proposed products based on drawings we receive from you.

We also manufacture motor coils for industrial uses, railroad cars, elevators, and other applications, and we excel at producing special motor coils.

We supply technology and know-how that help you to use your motors even more stably by proposing optimal ways to wind and insulate coils for various applications.
Independently developed labor-saving machinery for coil manufacturing
[Winding machines]
These machines wind multiple flat wires around a winding mold. At the start of winding, the strands of wires are manually fixed on the mold. These winding machines are for producing stator coils for motors and generators.

[Molding machines]
These machines mold loop coils after winding. They are basically forming machines for producing stator coils for motors and generators.

[Taping machines]
These machines are mainly used to automatically apply insulating tape around stator coils for motors and generators. (Depending on the situation and fixing method, insulation taping for armature coils and rotor bar coils is also possible.)

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