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Chamfering and deburring machines from Senjo Seiki

We are an integrated manufacturer who produce and sell deburring and chamfering machines. We accept test cuts for deburring and chamfering at any time.  Please feel free to contact us.

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Sales Pitch

We propose the most suitable processing method for deburring/chamfering.
We can propose deburring and chamfering regardless of various materials, shapes, and sizes.
 Senjo Seiki Co. Ltd. manufactures machines specializing in deburring and chamfering. While the needs for the deburring and chamfering fields are diversifying and becoming more sophisticated in terms of demand for high quality and cost issues in the production process, our company is achieving speedy and high-quality, master-level deburring, and chamfering through ongoing thorough research.
 Process work includes not only metal products such as a variety of shaped gears, sprockets, modified castings, and pressings but also material works such as MC nylons and glass. Moreover, the size of the work does not matter.
 We provide our customers with optimal shapes using our expertise based on experience with many types of deburring and chamfering.
Main target industries
Automobile industry, motor cycle industry, construction machinery industry, wind power industry, optical equipment industry, and gearbox industry
Automation support
 We can propose equipment that can be incorporated not only into manual lines but also automatic lines. We design and manufacture all loaders, conveyors, and stockers in-house; therefore, a smooth flow according to the work is realized. Moreover, as we have multiple stations, it is possible to process multiple locations and do multiple processing simultaneously.
[Examples of automation]
Incorporating a conveyor and loader to link with previous and later process equipment.
Incorporating a stocker and loader to be semi-automatic.
Interlocking with other manufacturers’ articulated robots
Product information
Features of deburring and chamfering machines
No need for programs and positioning
 Processing could be based on a copy of work forms; therefore, programming and positioning are not necessary.
Accuracy of chamfering is equal to or better than that of an NC device
 As actual processing work is copied, processing can be done by absorbing work size and shape variations.
Even large burrs are removed as is
 Burrs are removed from the base; therefore, even large deburr can be removed at once.
Operability without requiring proficiency
 The chamfering area and work feed speed can be easily adjusted with a handle and a variable knob.
There are broadly two types of products.
Deburring and chamfering machines with deburring cutters
 Use: Removing relatively large burrs and chamfering.
Brush the deburring machine with a nylon brush or wire brush
 Use: Treatment of fine burrs or edges and sintering parts.
*We suggest a variety of equipment based on the target work. (Auto-/manual-compatible, dry-/wet-compatible)

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