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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:03

Japan Field Co., Ltd.

Environmental protection is the supreme directive for the earth. We support any movements that protect the global environment and human life.

We have devoted ourselves to research on alternative cleaning systems to chlorofluorocarbon and ethane to save ozone and have successfully developed several technologies. It is our great pleasure to spread those alternative technologies to the world in line with our unchanged fundamental philosophy of "living with nature," and to be able to contribute to environmental protection on a global scale in small ways if we can.


Sales Pitch

About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our main business lines are: (1) manufacture and sales of various cleaning machines, (2) sales of multiple cleaning agents and surface treatment agents, (3) cleaning and treatment of industrial parts, and (4) manufactures and sales of precision filters and distillation regenerators. Additionally, our company makes grease removal machines, draining and drying systems, consumption control methods (for new fluorocarbon cleaning solution), solvent control systems for steam cleaning and drying, and vacuum processing equipment. As an example, we own some original technologies such as (1) those for liquefying and removing grease from the contaminated object by heating above the dropping point, and (2) innovative technology that chemically drains and dries in steam.
Main product/technology outline
In our cleaning system, hardware (equipment) and software (process) are combined, which cleaning systems have found difficult. Since our founding, our company has developed cleaning technology based on the corporate philosophy, “you cannot make good products without advanced cleaning technology." As a result, we can offer not only standard cleaning but also unique cleaning technology that cannot be found elsewhere.
About business matching
Based on our consistent philosophy of "developing original products that do not exist elsewhere in the world," our company has focused on R&D for over five decades since its founding. We are still in a leading position in the cleaning industry. Therefore, we have accumulated 46 years of cleaning know-how as well as facilities. Additionally, as we value human resources, there is veteran cleaning staff with more than 20 years of experience. If you have a problem with cleaning, please contact us.

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