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We offer one-stop services from die manufacturing, pressing, and sheet metal processing to surface treatment and assembling. Our company has a proven track record of demonstrating small hydropower generators in Cambodia.

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Introduction of outline
Our company designs and manufactures various jigs and progressive press dies. We offer Kaizen proposals for reducing the work period, improving the quality, and shortening delivery time.

■ Example 1: Delivery time reduction by shift from machining to press punching
We planned to drill molded products by machining. However, we could not secure the specified quantity of delivery due to quality fluctuation and unplanned man-hour increase. To solve this issue, we manufactured press-release jigs and reduced man-hours while maintaining quality levels. Thus, we achieved both cost reduction and quick delivery.

■ Example 2: Shift from high spin caulking to press caulking
The current high spin caulking process did not allow cost reduction. Therefore, we proposed a process change from single-cavity high-spin caulking to multi-cavity press caulking. We achieved cost reduction by reducing man-hours.

■ Example 3: Shift from manual work to processing with jigs
To eliminate the variability of manual operation checks, we proposed a belt transport system with jigs. The system eliminated variance and improved productivity.
■ Press processing
Our company mainly performs single-shot pressing but also performs progressive processing. We have two robot lines.
The equipment capacity is 20 to 200 tons (mainly 80 to 110 tons).
Since establishment, our company has been engaged in pressing by profession. We have been accumulating a large number of parts for many years. We now have a wealth of know-how.

■ Sheet metal processing (punching process)
Owns NCT (turret punch press; so-called saucepan), laser, and multifunction machine of NCT and laser.
Performs punching without using a mold.
Processing is performed utilizing the characteristics of each facility.

■ Sheet metal processing (bending process)
Bending is performed without using a mold by mechanical equipment called a bender.
The latest equipment has been introduced, a dedicated CAM function has been installed, and variations in angles and dimensions have been suppressed to improve quality stability, accuracy and productivity.

■ Welding
Has many spot welding facilities. Can be brazed. Arc welding is possible for both thin and thick materials.
We can also weld copper, aluminum, etc., which are often bad at other companies.

■ Inspection (3D measuring device)
By introducing a three-dimensional measuring device, it is possible to measure and evaluate complex three-dimensional shapes.
External activities (Micro hydro generator)
The micro hydro generator was developed and has been improved repeatedly by the technical group “Tech × Tech @ KAMO” to which our company belongs
The generator generates electricity by rotating a spiral water wheel with a water flow and outputs 300 watts. The device has a compact box shape of 54 cm wide, 100 cm deep, and 52 cm high.
The generator does not require maintenance because fallen leaves and debris from the water wheel are automatically discharged.
Our company has been cooperating in manufacturing and was certified as a JICA support project in 2016 (the 14th case in this prefecture).
In May 2017, our employee, Iida, went to Cambodia for a demonstration experiment.

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Kanto Head Office, SMRJ